Want to join the RoRetc team ?

 So you wanna write for RoRetc ? It's a great way to get rich and/or meet tons of hot girls/guys.*

 I'm currently looking for an extra writer or two that will take RoRetc to the next level.
All you really  need is a computer and a fairly vast knowledge of the Royals and a plethora of baseball knowledge in general.
Other criteria I'm looking for:
  • A sense of humor is a plus.
  • You must not be Buddy Bell stupid, know your stats and words and use them semi-correctly. 
  • Must know how to use spell check.
  • Must be a true blue Royals fan.
  • You must be a contributor^ for 2 months before getting paid from any revenue made.**
  • Must contain a vast hatred of the sacrifice bunt.
  • Keep it clean, no profanities or personal attacks on players or coaches
 As far as pay goes occasionally we'll get an offer for ad space. And even rarer then that it'll be an ad I feel appropriate for the blog.  Any revenue form said ads will be split evenly with all the writers.
At this point I'm not going out looking for ads but if they do come along everyone will share the wealth ! (Yeah for Socialism haha)

So if your still interested, just send me an email  to:
RayW @

Or message me at:

*Results may vary

^  and have a total of at least12 posts

** If any revenue is made during that time it will be held back for you until your 2 months have been completed. It's just to make sure you don't jump in cash the check and disappear.

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