Friday, April 7, 2017

The first win

Did you light the prayer candles in the 7th inning like I asked you to last night? 
Where you scrambling to get them all lit and that's why Houston scored a run?
Because let us all be honest with each other, things were getting more than a little dicey until the wonderfully unique hero Peter Moylan arrived along with Travis Wood to save the day and eventually lead to the Royals first win of the 2017 season. I mean, I know what you are thinking this guy has been out of the game for so long he doesn't know how Royals blogs even work anymore. Yet somebody lit the candles which stopped the 'Stros and not only that it led to a 3 run 8th inning and a WIN!
The Royals said "no thanks" and banged out their 1st win of the season!
I mean we had an amazing catch from Lorenzo Cain, another Salvy home run and a dominating performance from Jason Vargas. Yet I still noticed people complaining about Brandon Moss who had three walks in this game, comparing him even to Billy Butler. Quite frankly how anyone could compare anyone to anyone only four games in is anyone's guess; but it happened. I bring up those comparisons so that you can know that the Butler family recently sold their home in Arizona to someone thatpaid in cash. See for people like me it is hard to imagine having enough money to buy a house with cash, and that is just talking about the homes under $5,000in Detroit!(Some good deals there friends, but then every Royals game you saw in person would technically be a road game.) 
Still if you want to make a little money I am going to say bet on the Royals, because this is the first win of many more to come this year! And worst case scenario you lose everything you own, but hey no matter what you were invested in this team and isn't that what really matters?

Thanks for reading!

Current Royals winning streak: 1 Game 

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