Sunday, April 9, 2017


If I asked you what would be the worst way to lose a baseball game you may have a long list, because frankly there is no such thing as a good loss. Still if you were composing the list near the top would have to be a losing on a walk-off walk. I mean just looking at the way those words are formed in the English language is enough to turn even the strongest man's stomach.
Nevertheless that was the cruel fate that befell our beloved Royals in Houston today. Houston who for some reason decided to leave the roof closed today, on Palm Sunday! It's as if they did not want God looking down on the bag of tricks that they were going to pull. Am I accusing the Astros of cheating? Not at all. I'm just saying that no one who is not deeply involved in a Fitbit challenge with all their ex-high school classmates cares to walk that much!

I mean seriously! Let's hope that these awful bases loaded walks are a thing of the past for our bullpen. Like New Pepsi and Pepsi and Kendall Jenner it was only an experiment that just did not work out. But again it would not be right to lay all the blame for the loss on the team, alas I thought I could get by without a blog post yesterday. It's like that commercial on FSN Kc where the kid wears the dirty clothes and his mom can only afford to buy the McDouble from McDonalds, so everyone please pray that the Royals can turn at least one double play a game for them. But no this is totally on me guys and I will try and avoid screwing things up in future games.

Still the RACE AFTER BALBONI is heating up: 
The Legend is confident his record will stay

Salvador Perez 4, need 33 more to break
Mike Moustakas 3, need 32 more to break
Cuthbert/Hosmer/Moss 1, need 36 more to break

So that is something that we can monitor for the rest of the season? Will it happen, is that even possible? Well the Royals won the 2015 World Series so at this point you should realize that every thing in the whole world is possible! That means that [redacted] might still fall in love with me!!!!
Okay, so maybe not EVERYTHING is possible 💔 😢. Okay, okay enough about your favorite perpetually single Royals blogger. 

Royals are home tomorrow for the first time in 2017. This should be a fun time, but do plan to get emotional when the team honors ACE before the game. 

Also it is worth pointing out that, Joakim Soria, Peter Moylan, and Chris Young are currently the best preforming members of the Royals bullpen. 
Also is it time to worry about Matt Strahm yet as he has walked 6 in 1.1 Innings all without recording a strikeout. 

These questions and more will all be answered as the season continues.

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