Sunday, September 6, 2015

Swept by the Sox, I get mad at you the fans who did nothing wrong

We are all realizing something for the first time. As a lifelong Royals fan I have no idea how to feel about these current events. I mean after making the World Series last year it has somehow spun us into an alternate universe. The Royals twitter has grown so much that I almost feel like an outsider, the long time barren waste land of Royals merch has suddenly blossomed into something of a cash cow merged with a cult. Just a quick look for "Kansas City Royals" on etsy gives you 53 pages of results. That is in sharp contrast to my last Royals Merch post when etsy revealed just 8 pages of Royals merch. And holy Snots the Dog, was my last Merch post really all the way back in January of 2012!?!?!?!?! That is why I started this post because I had originally thought about a new Merch series post because why not. Still anymore it seems with the new influx of fans, like Royals fans have become hipsters.
Possibly Royals fans hanging out before a game, in mid June maybe?
 Does that bother me? Not really. I love the new revenue flowing into Kauffman Stadium and thus the Royals payroll and I love having all the new merch options. But...

Do I find the new stream of casual fans fairly annoying? Why yes I do. But hear me out on why I feel this way.

I have never been a bandwagon fan. I have stuck through the team through some awful awful seasons. So when I know that you did not care at all about the team then but now you are a die hard fan, well that ticks me off. Yeah it felt great becoming America's darlings during last years playoff and World Series run. But guess what? I am a jealous guy. Jump all over the Royals bandwagon, but do not act like you have been here for the long haul when you have not. Yes I am looking at all those people I have seen that like team X but now also like the Royals. I HAVE NEVER liked another team other then the Royals. I mean what seriously is the point of having more then one team? Does that defeat the whole purpose of having a favorite team to begin with? Why does the MLB app give me a chance to select favorite teams? No a fan should have one team, and only one.

But no this bandwagon jumping has much farther reaching consequences then just an influx of fans and lack of seat availability for any given day. (Which I love, I love not being able to get tickets and parking seemingly miles away somewhere in the wastelands beyond Arrowhead. Because that means we have a winning team and that is all that matters.)

No the problems lay with this new breed of fan who whines about stupid crap. Seriously today I saw someone complaining because:
"what kind of a lineup was That for a Labor Day weekend Sunday afternoon sold out game??!! No Hosmer, no Cain, Zob in right, Gordon DHing???? I can understand Gordo but like my buddy said after the game. " I shelled out $500 for my family to watch That lineup"??!!"
See! Have we seriously gotten to the point off complaining about a Sunday afternoon lineup? I seriously understanding the grumblings surrounding Cueto's poor outings. He was brought here short term to win and he has done just about everything but so far. But to complain about the Royals lineup today. I mean seriously just look at the lineup from 5 years ago today.
 I get it.
 We expect to win now.
Which is still a bit of a funny concept for me. And I get about as mad as anyone when we get swept by the ChiSox at home. Especially with Toronto breathing down our necks for best record in the AL and Minnesota still hanging in there even if it is just barely. But seriously after years of losing big time can we just enjoy the games? I am not saying we need to not worry about these three telling losses because they were very unsettling after the Detroit slugfest. But let us not forget to enjoy the ride we are on because as our parents grandparents learned it may not last forever.

But going back to the one main reason why this new fan is fairly annoying is this:
Taken directly from Connect with other single Royals fans. If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know I have been single for a very very very very long time. (Also if you've been reading RoRetc for a long time please accept my apologies for all my awful posts you must have had to read. My sincere condolences.) But with this new breed of Yogis in the outfield (not that there is anything wrong with that.Some Christians say Yoga pants = the devil's favorite clothing piece but I do not buy that. It would probably be this or this.) it gets harder when you go on a date (not that I'd know) and your date does not know Tony Graffanino, Chip Ambres, Ken Harvey, Jose Lima or a single member of the 2004 - 2009 Royals. Well then all you can really do is look up to the sky and say....

Wader, check please!

Thanks for as always for reading, and go Royals!