Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mildly recapping the start of the 2015 season

The Royals (1-0) looking to continue to stay hot tonight after terrible Tuesday in which they had a day off. Seriously I cannot stand that. We have to wait all winter for baseball to get here and then boom. After one game you are immediately followed by an off day. I get that the players can probably use the rest after playing the first meaningful game of the season, but c'mon what about us fans? That wait is killer.

But after one game there where some really encouraging signs.
For starters the Royals roughed up the White Sox's new ace former Notre Dame Wide Receiver and ex-Princess Bride hero Jeff Samardzija.
Forget what you've heard this guy is a baseball player. (USA Today)
Before growing a goatee and beard, Jeff played Inigo Montoya in the homeschool cult favorite, The Princess Bride
So try to remember that before jumping to any conclusions on whether the plunking of Lorenzo Cain following the Moustakas home run was intentional. It would only stand to reason that someone with a history of violet sports and past movie roles would be prone to occasionally let the situation get the best of him. I mean we are only one game into the season... and oh forget it he plays for the White Sox. Still what was most important about the HBP was the way the rest of the team stood up for Cain from the dugout, which is something the Royals have not always been too keen at doing.

All and all it was a very solid effort in the 10-1 victory. From the three walks drawn by Morales to Alex Rios going 3 for 4 it was a most exciting Opening Day. The only moment of cringe worthiness was when Yordano Ventura fell to the ground with a cramp in his thumb. Definitely something you do not want to see from your ace who just signed a big extension. But luckily it was as they say just a thumb cramp.

Aside from the big victory, the other feel good story was the solid top of the nineth pitched by Ryan Madson. After being out of the big leagues since 2011 it was definitely a cool moment to see (or hear on the radio as I did) all of Ryan's hard work to get back being fulfilled.

Of course to see these rings and the AL Pennet getting raised were also very much feel good stories, many years in the making.

Royals’ 2014 AL championship ring. (JOSTENS)
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But ultimately the show must go on, and as we get set for tonight's game with Danny Duffy on the hill we can remember the past by voting for the franchise four,

So as the Royals get ready for tonight's game it is of the utmost importance to let the words of wisdom Chicago Tribune's Steve Rosenbloom ring through our heads:

"The Sox have the best hitter on the field in this series. They have the most to lose by resorting to some kind of fake-macho baseball. Being dumber than the Royals doesn’t help you get past a divisional opponent that went to the World Series. Being smarter and better than the Royals, now that helps a lot."

True words of wisdom. However it is just a shame the White Sox will never have the cunning to outsmart the Royals, maybe in the days of Trey Hillman or Buddy Bell, but no one in the world has the smarts of Ned Yost. And certainly you cannot base your hopes on being better than the Royals because that is just something impossible. Enjoy the game and thanks for reading!

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