Saturday, April 4, 2015

2015 Royals and beyond!

Let us face it, this blog probably has not held much relevance since sometime in 2009. Granted though I was 18 than and all the post show that very cringe worthy fact. However 2015 is a brand new spanking year, and the Kansas City Royals are the defending American League Champions. No back in 2008 I never thought I would ever write that sentence but I just did, and let me tell you it feels great. Are blogs still as important here in 2015 as they where in 2008? Probably not. People have twitter now. Or I guess I should say baseball has twitter. because seriously the best place to watch any baseball game is at the ballpark, however the next best thing is on your front porch drinking a sweet tea and spitting sunflower seeds while summer sun fades and the crackling voice of Denny Matthews comes over the AM dial on an aging radio. After that the next best thing is the same situation, only with an FM dial. But if you don't have that, well then you at the worst should have a TV and a twitter because that is pretty darn fun to.

I am like Brett Farve in a way, I just do not know hen to gracefully call it quits. An obvious sign to anyone reading this who is thinking, "geez a new post from Royals on Radio Etc, I thought that guy was dead or something'. And to be honest I have lost touch with quite a few of the bloggers pantheon who have sense moved out of the basement and into the real world. (Is that even a thing? The real world...) Anyway I now have 31 hours of college complete including an A in English 102 (after a B in English 101) and Microsoft Word so... hopefully these posts are not going to suck as much from here on out.
And you know what? California, Mo is back on the Royals Radio Network map baby...

So here's hoping for another exciting and memorable season of Kansas City Royals baseball.
And I think I'm going to bring the sexy back to Royals blogging in 2015.

As always thanks for reading and Go Royals!

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