Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hey guys and gals I know it's been extremely, extremely quite over here for a long long time. In fact I've got metaphorical tumbleweeds growing all over my keyboard.

But I'm afraid I may be sick or something. See my calender says it's September 3rd and that the Royals have a 1.5 game lead in the AL Central.  So whats up with that ?
Like I seriously have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing.
Never before in my life have I been in this situation.

I mean I have Detroit Tigers games updates being sent to my phone!?!?!
And I haven't cared about Detroit since the days of the Big 3: Bonderman, Marouth, Cornejo.
And lets be honest I really didn't care then, only when we were playing them....
 So is that even natural, or have I committed some horrendous faux pas in my zeal?

And what's with this magic number stuff? I mean I completely understand it but when I try and apply it to my team it just doesn't seem real, its like I'm in an alternate universe. Some Trey Hillman fan fiction that someone hacked to say Ned Yost every time it was supposed to be Trey Hillman.

The last time one of "my" teams made the playoffs was 2002.
I was 11 then.
I'm now 23.
And that was football. And who really cares about football ?
Yeah it's fun on Sunday afternoons or after the Monday grind, but their just isn't the same magic in football.

This winning is strange. It makes Ned Yost look like he may have some smarts even if he can't figure out the right amount of people that should be in attendance, and dear I say it, winning makes Rex Hudler almost tolerable.
Yes, winning is so very strange to me.

But I absolutely love it.

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