Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Lost My Home

Today I realized I lost my home. 

Denny Matthews voice is coming over the radio now, “Hi everybody!” Max Scherzer walks Aoki on 5 pitches so we have the leadoff man on. 

I missed opening day. So this, game two is my opening day. I missed Ned Yost’s opening day mismanagements and the ear splitting of Rex Hudler, had I watched instead of listened to the radio.
Thinking back. If this modern day April 2nd 2014 was 12 years ago, how much different my life would be right now. Really it’s quite an interesting thought. I like philosophical thoughts.  I’ve read Atlas Shrugged, among others.

Last year I had the time to appreciate my home, but I didn’t take advantage.
It’s an anomaly. I noticed it several years ago. I even asked, but was told it was the same, nothing changed all the affiliates were still there.

Butler just hit into an inning ending double play as I pick Doritos out of my teeth.
My claim to fame was simple, I was young and immature released onto the internet and the Royals blogosphere. I started out by interviewing people, didn’t know what else to do. Figured I might as well have them help get my blog famous. And it did.

I claimed to be the “Best blogger in California,Mo”. 
My sister now holds that title. She has a Tumblr with 200 or so followers, I can't compete with that. But it really doesn’t matter anymore because California, Missouri doesn’t matter.

20 minutes ago instead of hearing the crisp sounds of a baseball pregame show I heard Dolly Parton, or some other country singer. I don’t know, I don’t listen to country music. It probably all sounds the same. My fingers quickly readjusted, I had made a grievous error that must be fixed. So I redialed the radio.

I like baseball. Not really sure why. Growing up I was always slightly overweight, but still always enjoyed playing the game. I must have an “old soul”, or so they say. Really who likes books and baseball when they could love football and video games?

I think Sundance, Wyoming 103.1 FM was when I first noticed it. We had lost Oklahoma earlier but no one really cared much. I mean we still has Arkansas, and we still had Sundance, still had Colorado.

Just last year the Royals Radio Network appeared in 8 states. In 2011 it was “…made up of 92 affiliates throughout the Midwest” Yet as I type this right now it will be heard from only 5 states. 

Although the official website still says “The Royals Radio Network is the largest network in the American League in seven states across the Midwest”. That is simply no longer the case, unless of course you’ve got a great radio.

It was noon and nothing was changing. Country music still hung over the airwaves of KRLL 1420 AM California, Mo. Country music still polluting the ears of anyone unfortunate enough to be born between the free spirited West and the bustle of the East. Stuck listening to whatever Nashville is selling. Mandatory Obamacareness like listening, unless of course your able to find a loophole like a one of those Christian money pooling organizations in the forms of classic rock or pop.*

That’s when I realized it was over. After 12 years, without even so much of a Dear john letter. Replaced, my true love no longer wanted to see me.

Butler lines out into another double play. 

Somewhere Runelvys Hernandez and Sidney Ponson are eating lunch, I'm sure of it.

 I guess if their is any hope it's found on the small disclaimer "Check back for an updated Royals Radio Network list as affiliates continue to be finalized."

Ian Kinsler hit's a solo home run, Royals are down 1 - 0.

The contest of life continues.#

Royals Radio Network 2013

Royals Radio Network 2014

^2011 Kansas City Royals Media Guide
* Classical is a genre I guess but it's even worse then country. Exceptions do apply especially those living in cities, and the south who can pull blues and jazz, etc.
# Charles Bukowski in The Mexican Fighters from Sifting Through The Madness For The Word, The Line, The Way.

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