Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey Mid-Missouri the Royals much like Jeff Probst, have nothing for you.

Ever wondered how an organazation can show support to their fans ?
Really let them know that they care....
Maybe with oh say a winter caravan to fire up the loyal fanbase !
Well that's just not the Kansas City Royals way.
But hey I get it, we all do. No one is going to bother coming to dinky Mid-Missouri. I mean Jefferson City is ONLY the capital of Missouri, almost halfway between Kansas City and St.Louis.
So it only makes sense that no one would want to come.

Oh wait the Cardinals totally are....
Well shoot, ain't that a pain in the freaking Wacha.
But hey the Royals will be in Springfield, presumably to tour Hammons Field, and hobnob with the local Springfield Cardinals fans. Because who doesn't love St.Louis Cardinals Double A farm team baseball ? I mean really it must be grand !

But to answer my own question: Yes, I can feel the disappointment and pain in my Wacha.
My Wacha all the way to my Lyons.

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