Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Short Fall Down The Hill

This is the time of year when it falls to pieces. I have no words to say. Year after year it gets hard to find new ways to say the same thing. Below .500 and falling. And that is where the Royals set once again. In fact all I can really offer is this photo from tonight's loss;
And maybe a chance that this team can find away to steady the ship.
But I've grown to be a callused old man (fan) now and I didn't believe the hype at the start of the year or at the height of the 12 days or so in first place. So yes, I guess I do get some sick satisfaction from being right. But I want to be wrong I so want to believe I'll see a Royals team in the playoffs before I die. But I'm not the same 16 year old I was when I started this blog, nor is Gordon the same prospect , neither are you the reader. Face it we're all growing old and running out of time.
Time to see, to hear, to feel, a Royals we deserve. One that won't disappoint us and break our hearts....

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