Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm sorry Jeff, it's not me, it's you. :(

As we wait for game 2 of the new Royals Sunday tradition, the make up game doubleheader.

(You can't sweep the doubleheader if you don't win the first one. ~ Rex Hudler) 

I've got this one thing I must get off my chest.
 I don't like Jeff Francoeur. For starters he's to nice of a guy, and he has just way to much moral character.
 Remember the whole Bacon Tuesday thing last year ? The consent smiling. And upbeat attitude !
The praise of  announcers everywhere saying: "He's one of the true good guys in the game"
And that's not why I don't like Jeff Francoeur. Because he makes me want to like him, I really really do want to like him !

But I just can't.

And here is why.

See after a quick look at the numbers through 77 At Bats this year we have two sides of Jeff,

THE OKAY Jeff Francoeur
19 Hits 8 Runs 5 XBH 6 RBI .
19 K's 3 BB .284 OBP

And every time I've had it with him though it seems like he comes through with a clutch hit.

But still the fact is out of 20 games on the season, he has only went 6 without striking out.
The guy has as man strikeouts as he does hits !!!!!
Let's be honest, I hate nothing more then the sacrifice bunt. (unless there is a runner on second with no outs in a tie game, then and only then is it acceptable)
But there is a very close second to the sac bunt, and it's called the strikeout.

In a game where the best hitters fail 7 times out of 10. A strikeout is a fail 10 times out of 10.
It accomplishes absolutely NOTHING.
Because obviously when you don't put the ball in play you can't get anywhere near the run column.

And Jeff Francoeur is an awful ofender striking out a hair ripping.....

23 % of his at bats this season

Jeff Francoeur hangs his head after striking out vs Toronto 

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