Monday, April 1, 2013

Defining a season by using the X method.

The worst start you can have to a season Win - Loss wise.
And although it was a great start from new ace James Shields.....

But when you use the X method. Which I might add is very scientific by the way.
Well then your left with the worst season a team could have !


(0 Runs Scored) X (162 Games) =  2* runs over the entire course of the season ! 
And on top of that what otherwise would amount to an amazing pitching performance   
(1 Run Allowed) X (162 Games) = 162 Runs^ /  (1296 IP) = 0.13. 
Which would shatter records but the resulting 1*-161 record that would result in unthinkable horrors that likes of which humanity has never seen ! 
^ (A MLB season record)
*(Dumb luck accounts for statistical errors)

I'm not sure this method is approved by Bill James, but it's been around for quite awhile in the underground circuits of baseball fans.

Of course by now you realize today is still April Fools Day. So yeah the X method is just a joke.
And hopefully the pathetic offensive output is a joke as well.
But you want to know what isn't a joke ?
The blessing of baseball and Denny Matthews voice. Dang, that man is amazing. 45 Opening Days of Royals baseball !  I guess the only bad thing besides the offensive output is that we have to wait till Wednesday to see/hear more Royals baseball. :p

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