Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Downward Spiral ?

No we're not talking about the Nine Inch Nail's album that spun a song that would eventually be covered by Johnny Cash. And a whole lot of other songs I'm not going to mention....
But what we are talking is almost just as warped and just as brutal. Filled with hate and pain and everything evil in America.

Just look at the NIN cover real closely and you'll see it:
BAM !  A Parental Advisory Explicit Content sticker. Do you see that ? See it's that time of year where the Royals who start out hot fizzle into the 90 loss team we know and love (despise).


 I could go dig up past results and examples but that would be to painful.

I mean:

  • Stats like: in 2009 the Royals where 18 - 11 in their first 29 games in and finished 65 -97
  • Names like: Yasuhiko Yabuta, Sidney Ponson, John Bale, Josh Anderson, etc, etc.
See this is the scary part of the season where the Royals tend to:

I know, I know, it's innocent enough back to back losses. But the next thing you know:

Lemmings of death jumping into a downward spiral.

 And the fact that both of the losses where pretty well blowouts to a lackluster Cleveland Indians team, well.  it really starts to make you doubt the whole "Our Time" "Come To Play" slogan.
Then again, maybe I'm just paranoid and have trust issues after years of abuse and neglect from my favorite team.  But hey, there are always worse things that could happen.

Let's just hope James Shields can help us get back on track tonight against the jerks that are the Rays.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm sorry Jeff, it's not me, it's you. :(

As we wait for game 2 of the new Royals Sunday tradition, the make up game doubleheader.

(You can't sweep the doubleheader if you don't win the first one. ~ Rex Hudler) 

I've got this one thing I must get off my chest.
 I don't like Jeff Francoeur. For starters he's to nice of a guy, and he has just way to much moral character.
 Remember the whole Bacon Tuesday thing last year ? The consent smiling. And upbeat attitude !
The praise of  announcers everywhere saying: "He's one of the true good guys in the game"
And that's not why I don't like Jeff Francoeur. Because he makes me want to like him, I really really do want to like him !

But I just can't.

And here is why.

See after a quick look at the numbers through 77 At Bats this year we have two sides of Jeff,

THE OKAY Jeff Francoeur
19 Hits 8 Runs 5 XBH 6 RBI .
19 K's 3 BB .284 OBP

And every time I've had it with him though it seems like he comes through with a clutch hit.

But still the fact is out of 20 games on the season, he has only went 6 without striking out.
The guy has as man strikeouts as he does hits !!!!!
Let's be honest, I hate nothing more then the sacrifice bunt. (unless there is a runner on second with no outs in a tie game, then and only then is it acceptable)
But there is a very close second to the sac bunt, and it's called the strikeout.

In a game where the best hitters fail 7 times out of 10. A strikeout is a fail 10 times out of 10.
It accomplishes absolutely NOTHING.
Because obviously when you don't put the ball in play you can't get anywhere near the run column.

And Jeff Francoeur is an awful ofender striking out a hair ripping.....

23 % of his at bats this season

Jeff Francoeur hangs his head after striking out vs Toronto 

Billy Butler is John Lennon ?

So Rex was out walking before the game and a lady was wearing a Billy Butler jersey. And it was her birthday and she wanted to get a picture with Billy. So Mr.Hudler walks into the dugout and gets Butler and he comes out and gives her a hug and takes a picture with her.

And then according to Rex:
"And you'd have thought she John Lennon, from the Beetles."

           Yeah, I'm not seeing it...............

Monday, April 1, 2013

Defining a season by using the X method.

The worst start you can have to a season Win - Loss wise.
And although it was a great start from new ace James Shields.....

But when you use the X method. Which I might add is very scientific by the way.
Well then your left with the worst season a team could have !


(0 Runs Scored) X (162 Games) =  2* runs over the entire course of the season ! 
And on top of that what otherwise would amount to an amazing pitching performance   
(1 Run Allowed) X (162 Games) = 162 Runs^ /  (1296 IP) = 0.13. 
Which would shatter records but the resulting 1*-161 record that would result in unthinkable horrors that likes of which humanity has never seen ! 
^ (A MLB season record)
*(Dumb luck accounts for statistical errors)

I'm not sure this method is approved by Bill James, but it's been around for quite awhile in the underground circuits of baseball fans.

Of course by now you realize today is still April Fools Day. So yeah the X method is just a joke.
And hopefully the pathetic offensive output is a joke as well.
But you want to know what isn't a joke ?
The blessing of baseball and Denny Matthews voice. Dang, that man is amazing. 45 Opening Days of Royals baseball !  I guess the only bad thing besides the offensive output is that we have to wait till Wednesday to see/hear more Royals baseball. :p