Sunday, March 31, 2013

There is a zombie in my closet....

Well here we are 138 days since I called it quits packed up my radio said my goodbyes and moved along. All good and fine. I never even logged onto here once during that time. (seriously how are those fish on the right still alive ? )

But I think, that maybe, just maybe, the Royals will be decent this year. I can't guarantee it and I'm sure disappointment will ensue, but I want to be involved until then. Ya know ?

So I guess this is the news..... I'm back.....

Kind if like a zombie. (maybe a little smarter, just a hair though)

And let me just say I've always hated bands, blogs, or whatever that quit and then come back.
( But hey I'm not starting a kickstarter or indieagogo so be happy with that)
So if  for that reason you choose not to read this post or anything I write on here ever again, that's awesome ! Stand up for what you believe in.
Yet I'm still optimistic that hopefully we can still be friends and you can eventually learn that it's impossible for me to quit following the Royals, (yet I never watched a single Spring Training game and had to have been fairly close this time) and maybe just maybe, you can learn to accept that like the McRib or Brett Farve, I just can't go away gracefully. Even if that would be better for all involved....

Anyway it's more like a perfect storm that's getting the blog up and running again, more then anything. See today is the season finale of The Walking Dead and tomorrow is Opening Day !
The perfect chance for a dead Royals blog to rise up and haunt the world wide web once more.

If your not familiar with The Walking Dead, it's about Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes and a group of people trying to live what little bit of life they have left before they eventually die and turn into zombies (or just die). It's sad at times and overall far from cheery. (Much like the Royals 1986 - present).
I don't really know where I'm going with this it sounded way better in my head.
 Other then tomorrow is Opening Day and RoRetc is back up until we get shot/stabbed/kicked/etc in the head. (Because this is a zombie blog now, remember ?) 

So stock up on the sunflower seeds, and scorecards. Sharpen the pencils and dust off those radios (Or else you could listen to Rex Hudler your choice, but no really dust off that radio) because tonight when the zombies are gone away and Mr.Grimes' crew goes the way of Emil Brown, Terrance Long, and Ross Gload. Well then it's baseball time.

So good luck to our beloved Royals and a special shout out to a fellow zombie trying to come back from the baseball grave Miguel Tejeda.

Fellow zombie Miguel Tejeda reaches for an Easter egg before I can get to it.

The bottom line is this:
The 2013 season is here and with "some" luck it'll finally be our year !