Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yesterday's Game.

Everything's good because a 2nd Inning run means a free freakin taco
Well yesterday I started work at 12 midnight. And I went to all the way to St.Louis but then I got off work at 3:00 pm showered and ended up in Kansas City to catch what would eventually end up as loss #11 in a row. Only to come right back home arriving at midnight only to leave for work at 2am.
We ended up getting seats in section 143 row J. It was the second best seats I've ever had.
So with all the pregame festivities ablaze I set out for the gift shop to see what I desperately needed but was probable way overpriced. So basically I was looking for a cool hat that nobody else has. I mean one $30 hat a season never made anyone bankrupt. But they really didn't have much there that was to unique. So I ended up dropping $38 for a media guide, scorecard, and that new Willie Aikens biography.
Which I had the pleasure of getting signed. 

Well I had a problem at this point. I always go to the game sayinfg I'm not going to keep score, so I leave my score book and pens at home only to end up buying a $1 scorecard and then not having a pencil. Ugh.
Well I decided to find a pencil.
The lady at the front entrance didn't have any pencils and she was very sorry about it. SO I decided to head to Guest Services, (a place I'd never been) and they were able to supply me with a pencil. So a big thank you to the people at guest services !
Well then I was back at my seat and decided to flip threw the book "Safe At Home" only to have the guy in front of me turn around and tell me: "You know he was a crackhead right ?".

In case you didn't know the story WMA did crack and was arrested
Yeah, do I REALLY LOOK THAT STUPID ? Seriously why do I never end up setting next to a fellow blogger or someone with brains ?
But hey whatever.

Seats where great, team was bad.
I mean to seat there and what Ned Yost sacrifice bunt not once but twice, oh and the thirdf bunt from the one guy who actually hit a home run. Awesome ! That and the fact that Bruce Chen should have been pulled after giving up the leadoff walk in the 6th.  But you know whatever.
It was a fun time at the ballpark overall aside from the teams horrendous play of the hometeam and of course.
Garth Brooks up there on the screen crooning about "Friends In Low Places". Yes that still ticks me off.
As Sam Mellinger said of it yesterday "It's always bad but today it seemed more like a taunt".
 Like it always does. So I decided that maybe we should change the song to Jumper by Third Eye Blind but @TopCityRoyal had a better idea:
no Shots by Lmfao. $1 shots during it. It helps the adults cope with the game.
And that is a great idea.
So yeah at the end of the day it was a bad outing from the team but one positive was Mike Moustakas's defensive play. It's much better to watch live, oh and Jonathan Broxton is a great BP pitcher.

Oh and you want to know what else I hate ? The people at the stadium that are still hopelessly optimistic !

 Also I noticed that the vendors come by a whole lot more the more expensive the seats.

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