Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ugh, Why can't we "Dodge" this trend

The wheels just fell off the Broxton ~ Rex Hudler

Jonathan Broxton joins the long list of already disappointing ex-Dodgers pitchers to fail with the Kc Royals.

Odalis Perez

Hideo Nomo

Rudy Seanez

But it's obviously hard to judge that on only one awful save attempt, even if it did end with a walk and two hit batters. Including the game winning walk-off Hit By Pitch. It even makes you wonder if maybe Broxton will enter to Hit Me Baby One More Time when he comes into games at the K.  
But as gut wrenching heart tearing, we've seen this ending a billion times before from the Royals (okay this is a new ending but it was done in the vein of the classic Royals way of finding an impossible way to lose) and today sucked. Four hours to have the life drained from you at the very end.
So yeah it was a game of heartbreak.
And what makes it worse is the fact that we lost to Oakland. The empty stadium with, um,one of a kind fans. (We'll leave it at that) 
And yeah I can't stand the Athletics even if Jeff Francoeur can. But I guess a 3-3 record isn't a horrible way to start the season, but anyway at least Alex Gordon has busted the slump and we're finally getting ready for the season opener at The K. So let's all regroup and take a deep breath and hope this isn't a sign of things to come. 
Also going back to my original point it's hard base Broxton on this one game but he doesn't need to be the closer until he can prove he deserves it. So I personally think he'll bounce back, but don't risk him in the save situations. 

And finally, let's hunt down some Indians !

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