Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Night Is...

Opening night is...
 Daddy passing out snacks
Jeff Francoeur geting picked off of second base
Bruce Chen trending nation wide
Knuckle sandwiches, jam sandwiches, cheese, full cheeseburgers

And Rex Hudler quotes: 
I'm sure Sween-dawg says "Bill, you come sit with me."
"It's hard to sneak a piece of cheese by a hungry rat"
"A .500 season for the team? That's what you want. It's perfect."

Man that guy is going to make this season interesting.

So as Aaron Crow comes in we should all set back, peel a banana and enjoy the final few innings of the game that kicks off Our Time ! 


  1. Of course, my one great culture achievement and you're going to steal it. Go ahead, thats fine with me. Oh and welcome back