Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GMDM, this is a mirror

Alaird Baird 2000 - 2006* Fired Midseaon
Wins - Losses Winning Seasons
463 - 671                1

Dayton Moore 2007 - Present

Wins - Losses Winning Seasons
347 -   463              0

So overall Dayton Moore's "Process" is yet to bare fruit. In 2008 we where told 4 years before we'd see results from a team that for once would be groomed up together and be fundamentally sound.
So far I've gotta ask ? Where are the results ?
The core has not come up together as we expected. Sure we have Hosmer, Butler, Moustakas, etc. But we don't have Giavotella. And let's face it, Francoeur is not a part of the future.
But the worst part ? This team is not fundamentally sound at all !
They are awful at base running just plain awful ! There have been so many times a runner was held at third base for no reason. Makes me yearn for the days of Luis Silverio !!!

Bottom line is there has to be changes. I do not want to give up on Dayton Moore yet, because to do that would mean a new GM and then how many more years before the new GM builds his team ?
But Ned Yost sucks as an AL manager. I'd love to have Ozzie Guillen as manager, as I've said for years now that what the Royals need is an aggressive manager. But whatever. He's still not even came close to a winning season, Also I'd love for the following three changes:

1. Fire Manager-Scouting Operations LINDA SMITH
She's been with the organization since 2001 and look at the results since then. Plus based on past history I could care less for her.
Time to hit the road

2. Fire President DAN GLASS
Okay obviously Dick Glass isn't going to sell the team or give up on his ca$$$h cow named the Royals. But maybe it's time to at least show the slightest hint he wanrts to win by firing his son and FAILED president.

3. Fire Manager Ned Yost
Bunting turns Ned on. Losing makes him dream of manure ( "Adversity is the fertilizer for maturity and growth") and he only wants to go hunt Bambi with Foxworthy and Broxton. I say let'em hunt all year long.

 PS. And finally you've got to fire the people responsible for the Our Time slogan, it's a joke folks.

And then you've got to put the heat on Dayton. He's got a bunch of talent in the moniors but let's get some results where it counts ! I mean if Dayton isn't going to be able to cut the cake, well maybe you've gotta take a look at a Mike Arbuckle. You know for "future" reference...

Oh and here a "fun" quote, you know for fun:

"I believe in these guys, I believe in their talent, I believe in who they are and I'm convinced these guys are going to be OK," Yost said. "And we're going to look at it two months from now, kind of laugh at it and say, 'Remember that rough start we got off to?'"

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