Saturday, April 14, 2012

Emotional Deaths

This season I've found to be already much harder then I was ready for this early in the year:

  • The Broxton meltdown, well it was bound to happen eventually.
  • The Luke Hochevar wafflecone experience where he's lights out and then he's a BP pitcher, we all knew it would happen at some point. 
  • The Jonathan Sanchez disaster, nothing out of the ordinary in the grand scheme of a 162 game season. 
But for all of this to keep happening back to back to back this early in the season ?
And what's worse is this past loss. Down 9-2 and then to rally back to tie the game at 9-9 and have a chance to win it in the bottom of the 9th.
With a freakin leadoff walk to the fastest guy on the team no doubt only to have him gun downed trying to steal second as the whole rally gets wasted in an eventual loss.
And that's what bugs me the most.
Everyone on Twitter saying "great comeback". 
Well I got news for you, it still counts as a loss. 
And in my book a worse loss then just losing 9-2 getting the game over with and ready to go out tomorrow.
Yeah it shows that the team has heart and spunk and determination. But by now we've invested so much time and energy into this thing that to have it fall just short is far worse then just getting blown out.
 It's such an emotional kick in the crotch. It's an emotional letdown in every sense.
All  of these last couple games have been. I thought it was supposed to be OUR TIME.
But instead it's like your average game from 2004 - 2008. Take your pick of one of those awful years and you know what you get in the side by side comps ? It's games that rip out your heart and spit on your soul.
I guess the only real difference is that if the scuffle of today had happened then, well I bet Buddy Bell would've decked Hannahan and not hugged him. But you know whatever. 
I just hope we can gather ourselves and come out Sunday and just wipe that smug little grin of the Indians logo at the very least.
Smug grin has got to go

And hey if we can rough'em up a little I wouldn't complain either. 
I honestly can't stand the Indians logo

So yeah.
You can see I'm pretty mad about that game.

But hey, I guess if worst comes to worst I'll have to break out my "rally boobs" for Kc but you know that'd just be queer and awkward. So here's hoping for a blowout win tomorrow.
Go Royals and thanks for reading. ~

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