Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bacon Tuesday

So the big news for tonight is that Billy Butler was thrown out attempting to steal for the first time this season.
Well that and the fact that it was Bacon Tuesday at the ole Coliseum sponsored by Jeff Francoeur himself !
And yeah for a brief time Bacon Tuesday was trending throughout the whole United States Of America.

And of course I've got to mention Danny Duffy's 8 K's.
And what was that ? A home run by Mitch Maier ? Are you kidding me !!
And of course who could forget the man, the legend, umbrella man !

And is it really any wonder that Umbrella Man and Bacon Tuesday would both show up on the same night ? I think not.

And now we're going into an 8th inning rain delay, lovely.

So yeah at least the A's organization has two things going for them:

  1. The box office hit Moneyball !
  2. Fans that show up to the park dressed as seats and fans that are invisible !

And who doesn't enjoy the rain delay.
Okay I hate this rain delay, this Vida Blue interview is KILLING ME...

So maybe this game will be called maybe not, who knows I'm going to bed. If you want to stay up I've got a few notes for ya:

1. Go vote for a huge Royals fan and fellow blogger "Steve Hurst" in the National Mobility Awareness Month favorite stories will be voted on by your friends, family and peers, and the winners will be awarded a new customized wheelchair accessible vehicle. And they could really use it. So please vote and enter promo codes 989, 995 and 818.     Vote Here

 2. And while your doing that be sure and stop by one one last time and say goodbye to one of the all time great Royals blogs The Kc Pipeline.

EDIT: Game called Royals win !!!

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