Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A .500 season for the team

"A .500 season for the team? That's what you want. It's perfect." ~ Rex Hudler Opening Day

So here we are at 2-2. After four games into the 2012 season Rex must be pretty happy. And for the most part I'm pretty happy with watching this team as well. I mean when you have games where Moustakas and Hosmer both homer (or Butler and Hosmer), and the defense is so great it makes you shiver with joy (minus Yuniesky of course) and top it off with so far solid starting  pitching which I thought was our biggest problem heading into the season and you've got a pretty great start.
That and the 2-1 series victory over Albert Pujols and the Angels and overall this was going to be a pretty nice lovely post today....

But there was one problem....

I didn't get this lovely post posted before the Athletics game....

So yes a nice series victory over the Angels is imminently replaced the next night by a horrific 1-0 loss.

And I mean 1-0 isn't all that bad, unless of course you can't manage a single run after getting only three hits (all  three were doubles), you have 2 caught stealing, and a runner getting picked off.  That and the fact that Bourgeois, Betancourt, and Getz all started in the same lineup. And it really is no reason that the 10,054 fans at the Oakland Raiders football stadium left wishing they would have rather watched The Hunger Games. Which I know about only through commercials and friends (<-- mixed reviews).
A desperate baseball fan contemplates what must be eating at Ned Yost's brain (At Oakland 4/9/12)

And blend that all together in a blender and top it off with the cherry and whipped cream that is West Coast baseball and also realize I've got to get up at 1:30 Am to go to work and suddenly you've got a game that was awful yesterday. I mean hey, at least Jonathan Broxtan looks like he's ready to rock and roll.

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