Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 - 9

Well I haven't posted all that much in this 6 game losing streak and if you can blame me for that, well you've got problems dude. I mean it's bad enough to get swept by the Indians and then the Tigers but to almost win each of the Tigers games in the bottom of the 9th ? The bases loaded called third strike on Gordon, the Francoeur triple that went for not, and then the game ending double play last night.
It's pure bad folks.
The Royals are notorious for falling apart and giving all us fans the bitter taste of lackluster baseball.
This year was supposed to be "Our Time" (a slogan I bet all the front office wishes was never released).
So yeah, anytime you say "Our Time" and then don't deliver it's going to make everything 10x worse.
And  it's been pretty disastrous, I mean "Royals Alternate Slogan" was trending Nationwide on Twitter.

 All this and we're only 12 games in.

But I think everyone would agree the worst part is the base running. Only 6 of 13 stealing attempts have been successful. And it's pretty obvious that their have been plenty of other running errors.
So until the team learns to run the basepaths it's going to be a rough season.

And hey even if Hochevar continues his woes, at least we're seeing a great season so far from Chen and Duffy.
So let's all hope the next 150 games go a bit better.

But hey if your optimistic Royally Speaking points out that a 3 - 7 start isn't all that bad.

Oh and since we are the last team in MLB without a home win I've decided to have this little gadget to the side to measure the Royals 2012  home wins versus 49 year old Jaime Moyer's 2012 wins.

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