Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching up to things

Well I'm behind the times but in case you where wondering what my thoughts are on everything.
Well my first thought is what the news just told me, and that is that Queen Elizabeth is about to have her 60th year on the throne. And I'm left wondering if Royals once star closer Joakim Soria will ever pitch in 60 games again. I mean it doesn't look good on the first glance.
With Tommy John you never know how or if they will ever be able to bounce back, let alone a second surgery.

 "That wasn't the news I wanted to hear," Yost said. "You knew that there was something in there that wasn't right. We'll see what Dr. Yocum says tomorrow, but it doesn't look very good. 

So with that the news that Aaron Crow will be heading back to the bullpen:

Removing Crow from the starting candidates narrows the field to seven, Yost said. That leaves Felipe Paulino, Luis Mendoza, Danny Duffy and Everett Teaford competing for the final two spots behind Luke Hochevar, Bruce Chen and Jonathan Sanchez. 

And with that the rotation looks that much stronger. That and the fact that Bruce Chen has been pitching so well. Okay maybe I'm just a little sarcastic rely on a rotation with a history of woes.

So with that in mind (and the recent injury of Sal Perez) the Royals went out and acquired OF Jason Jerrod Bourgeois and C Humberto Quinteroof whom GMDM said:

"Humberto Quintero is a guy we like as a solid catch-and-throw guy and has a lot of experience at the Major League level and gives us the depth that we need at this point," 
And all it cost was our 4th Rd pick from 2010 Kevin Chapman, oh and the infamous PTBNL of whom Crawfish Boxes mentioned that:

Astros GM Jeff Luhnow said PTBNL will be "key component" of trade

 And there you go, your set. Well after you read the Royals Review comments anyway.

But at least I found out some great news today and that's that Royales With Cheese is back !

And if injuries or Yuniesky Betancourt end up Getzing the season ruined. Well we can at least talk about what a great season it could have been, at least we will all be entertained....

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