Thursday, January 26, 2012

Royals Merch 5: Non Affiliated Handmade Merch

I think Fydor Dostoyevsky said it best with his hit novel Crime and Punishment:
"At the beginning of July, during a spell of exceptionally hot weather, towards evening....."
Not really sure what that has to do with much of anything really, other then where will the Royals be in the beginning of July ? I mean with the Tigers addition of big Price Fielder it's going to be that much harder to compete in the AL Central. But nine years wow seems like a long contract for such an, um, rather big guy.

So with money and length running through my mind I ended up looking on the craft site Etsy and found some, well, uh, rather interesting  Kc Royals stuff. And therefore I must present you.....

Royals Merch 5: Non Affiliated Handmade Merch 

Well first off we have this lovely Royals flower hair piece that would lovely on just about everyone. I mean how could you not look great in it ? With this your face would look as Sunflower. 

Yours for $6.99 by AlexaRayesCollection

Here we have another cute little thing, a logo magnet. Face it most of our fridges are either covered in a cupons and magnets of our insurance agents and such or your kids art work. So why not having something that is cozy yet suave. 

Well you can for only $2.50 from AuntCCcreations

In keeping with the current trend we have an awesome hat for that little person in your life. Although the listing says you can get adult sizes made. It looks great but no word on how well it'll protect against a fastball to the head....   

Yours for the mere price of  $ 25.95 from thebabykeeper

Royals baseball, Winnie The Pooh, and your name.What is do you need in life ?

Yours for only $7 from TeamsandToons

How often are you going to get married ? I mean surely your not planning on getting married 7 or 8 times, and if you are no one is going to really going to care after # 3 or 4. So hopefully you'll listen to me and only get married once, and therefore it needs to be unforgettable. And alas Royals garters.    I mean what guy isn't going to try and catch that ? So make your wedding one of a kind with this.

$30 from TheArtofSports


Okay I know what your thinking, usually these Royals Merch series I do have some sort of crazy thing at the end. And why should this be any different ?

So here you go guys............


Bam ! 
Her and his G-Strings. Lined for comfort even. (Or so it says)
So yeah since I know you're dying to get them sent your way here's the links.
From pmtresurechest.

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