Monday, January 16, 2012

Attendence, and whtat Underground Music has to do with it

On this date (January 15th) 3 years ago I had a post about what the Royals Radio Network stations were "jamming" (or lack there of) when the Royals games weren't on. And well not a whole lot has changed in 3 years I mean we now have a "Top 40 pop" and "variety" stations but where are the underground and scene radio stations ? I mean the numbers don't lie, Kansas City was 27th in total attendance last year....

But on the other side of that spectrum the Phillies and Yankees were # 1 and 2 in attendence. And you have to ask yourself, "Self why is this ?"
To which your answer was maybe: "They are both Winners"
Well I'm sure that your inital thought was because they are both perinial winners.
Whyt'd I even ask you that ?
But because that is what you were thinking,
You are mistaken......

See New York and Philly are both huge in the underground music scene, obviously popular with there fans. Okay maybe not so much in New York as they are more gangsta..... 
But for sure for the Phillies whom have a huge fan in JB Brubaker lead guitarist for Metalcore powerhouse August Burns Red.

JB laying down the killer riffs

So yeah it's all about reaching the underground kids and getting them hooked on Kc Royals baseball.
Because let's face it the current formula isn't working as great as it could be.
(Still I'm sure we'll outdraw the Pirates in 2012, want to bet on it CH ?)

So Mr. GM Dayton sir, if your reading this let's get a Underground Day at the K where we can get all the punks, goths, scene, and hardcore kids to the K and get them addicted. Hook them the mouth and reel'em in like the catch of the day. Because let's face it the best we have now is:

A: Garth Brooks whom my grandpa says "screams to much"
B: Ke$ha dating Aaron Crow which I have no clue if they are still together or if she even still has a career.
or even

So yeah... can someone please tell me how that relationship is going ? ET won't they are to busy trying to tell me about the possible Tim Tebow - Katy Perry (ex-Brand) thing her folks are supposedly pushing.

So in closing I think it's obvious the Royals NEED a bigger presence in the underground music of Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and South Dakota.
So, at the very least, the RRN needs to find a underground style radio station or something. 
Because let's face it, we're going to have a fairly good team and those seats need to be filled.

Heck maybe even a tattoo or piercing night at the K would work.........


PS. I know I said I'd get the Ray W Award nominees up but I got busy geez... I'll get them up soon.

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  1. Of course it's not I love underground music, it's the greatest.