Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video Killed The Radio Star

It all started 5 years ago with this little post: 
Ah wow isn't neat how these just seem to pop up out of no where. One minute their was not a Royals on Radio etc. but now their is. Pardon the progress (yeah it really is new) so what if it's not a "fancy" blog with Royals photos everywhere isn't it the words that count?Ah yes the Royals of Kansas City maybe this is the year we win 85 games, or by an act of God make the playoffs in which case their will be hundreds more Royals blogs. But tonight thier is just one new Royals on Radio etc. maybe someday this blog will be quoted in Royals Review or ranked among the many great Royals blogs with names like: well look for yourself. But for right now enjoy the newness. While I enjoy some sleep and look forward to a great 2008 season of Royals baseball.
Only to be followed by my first real post where I made fun of Micheal Warren Marroth, a start that not many blogs can duplicate.

But the fact is after a 2 year struggle I came up with only two viable options:

  1. Keep the blog in a coma
  2. Know when to call it a day.
And alas, I've got to call it a day. It seems like so much has changed of late that it's finally time. I did always hate blogs that only updated once in a blue moon. And so I decided it's best to go out on top. Even if RoRetc didn't change the course of the Royals blogosphere I hope it at least made you laugh, or think outside the box. I hope you enjoyed the RayW awards and Royals Merch series as much as I did.  We might never have gotten famous but we did get linked on MlBTR once and appear on a radio program.
I'll probable keep the url until I get sick of paying $10 a year, or maybe keep if forever in hopes of a return from the grave like a band on kickstarter or a zombie. (But I doubt it.) And you can always friend me on Facebook or twitter.

The past 5 years would never have happened without the following people and organizations:

 Jack Dempsey, Jeff Parker, Steve Hurst, Greg Schuam, Josh Duggan, The Tao, Ken Lassiter, Minda Haas, Daniel Shoptaw, Steve Stewart, Troy Olsen, Antonio Hernandez, Sam Mellinger, Michel Engel, Will McDonald, Craig Brown, Bill Ivie Jr, Keith Blackburn, everyone who posted at Royals Nation or the Yahoo group, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, Denny Matthews, Ken Harvey, Nick Wright, Bob Fescoe, Bob Stalder, Jaime Cerda,Ryan Lefebvre, Toby Cook, Tim Dierkes, David Holtzman, Don Free, Royales With Cheese, and anyone else whom I might have missed. Last but certainly not least anyone thats ever bothered to read my ramblings. If we agreed or you thought I was an idiot it meant the world to me.

Also absolutely no thanks whatsoever to: 
Corey Hume, Linda Smith, Rex Hudler, the Royals player who told me to stop bashing Trey Hillman, or the St.Louis Cardinals fans that are annoying as heck.

Again, thank you the readers. I never set out to have people read RoRetc but when they did it was something special and for that I'll always be grateful. Go Royals !
Signing off for the last time,
    Ray W

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

821 in the land of 2012

It all started so nice
"Our Time"
an election year.

But then the Royals became....
..........a Royals baseball team.

I got bored.

Jose Mijaries got lost on a wavier claim.

Then we all found out that is:

"the Dating Site for Singles Over 50"

The only demographic that ever saw a good Royals team.

But alas their is hope,


It's came to this
But thank God Rex is keeping Kansas City clean, 
of vermin !

Friday, June 15, 2012


Rex Hudler spent a couple innings with the Cardinals fans, looks like they couldn't handle it...
(Remember Cards fans aren't always the sharpest so please don't be to mad)

So here's a couple screenshots of a few Twitter posts.....

Sweep of the Beer City Wisconsinites

Don't blame me. You can't. Well you could, but that wouldn't be nice.
In fact that'd be like an Alice Cooper grimace.
It just get so hard to post sometimes.

And then bam three straight come from behind amazing wins over the Brewers for the sweep ?
And Denny announces Jarrod Dyson is safe at the plate for the win....

 OH YEAH !!!

So as we prepare for the I-70 series we've got some pretty nice momentum. 
And well hopefully we keep it up, and I'll try and get some momentum going here as well.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GMDM, this is a mirror

Alaird Baird 2000 - 2006* Fired Midseaon
Wins - Losses Winning Seasons
463 - 671                1

Dayton Moore 2007 - Present

Wins - Losses Winning Seasons
347 -   463              0

So overall Dayton Moore's "Process" is yet to bare fruit. In 2008 we where told 4 years before we'd see results from a team that for once would be groomed up together and be fundamentally sound.
So far I've gotta ask ? Where are the results ?
The core has not come up together as we expected. Sure we have Hosmer, Butler, Moustakas, etc. But we don't have Giavotella. And let's face it, Francoeur is not a part of the future.
But the worst part ? This team is not fundamentally sound at all !
They are awful at base running just plain awful ! There have been so many times a runner was held at third base for no reason. Makes me yearn for the days of Luis Silverio !!!

Bottom line is there has to be changes. I do not want to give up on Dayton Moore yet, because to do that would mean a new GM and then how many more years before the new GM builds his team ?
But Ned Yost sucks as an AL manager. I'd love to have Ozzie Guillen as manager, as I've said for years now that what the Royals need is an aggressive manager. But whatever. He's still not even came close to a winning season, Also I'd love for the following three changes:

1. Fire Manager-Scouting Operations LINDA SMITH
She's been with the organization since 2001 and look at the results since then. Plus based on past history I could care less for her.
Time to hit the road

2. Fire President DAN GLASS
Okay obviously Dick Glass isn't going to sell the team or give up on his ca$$$h cow named the Royals. But maybe it's time to at least show the slightest hint he wanrts to win by firing his son and FAILED president.

3. Fire Manager Ned Yost
Bunting turns Ned on. Losing makes him dream of manure ( "Adversity is the fertilizer for maturity and growth") and he only wants to go hunt Bambi with Foxworthy and Broxton. I say let'em hunt all year long.

 PS. And finally you've got to fire the people responsible for the Our Time slogan, it's a joke folks.

And then you've got to put the heat on Dayton. He's got a bunch of talent in the moniors but let's get some results where it counts ! I mean if Dayton isn't going to be able to cut the cake, well maybe you've gotta take a look at a Mike Arbuckle. You know for "future" reference...

Oh and here a "fun" quote, you know for fun:

"I believe in these guys, I believe in their talent, I believe in who they are and I'm convinced these guys are going to be OK," Yost said. "And we're going to look at it two months from now, kind of laugh at it and say, 'Remember that rough start we got off to?'"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yesterday's Game.

Everything's good because a 2nd Inning run means a free freakin taco
Well yesterday I started work at 12 midnight. And I went to all the way to St.Louis but then I got off work at 3:00 pm showered and ended up in Kansas City to catch what would eventually end up as loss #11 in a row. Only to come right back home arriving at midnight only to leave for work at 2am.
We ended up getting seats in section 143 row J. It was the second best seats I've ever had.
So with all the pregame festivities ablaze I set out for the gift shop to see what I desperately needed but was probable way overpriced. So basically I was looking for a cool hat that nobody else has. I mean one $30 hat a season never made anyone bankrupt. But they really didn't have much there that was to unique. So I ended up dropping $38 for a media guide, scorecard, and that new Willie Aikens biography.
Which I had the pleasure of getting signed. 

Well I had a problem at this point. I always go to the game sayinfg I'm not going to keep score, so I leave my score book and pens at home only to end up buying a $1 scorecard and then not having a pencil. Ugh.
Well I decided to find a pencil.
The lady at the front entrance didn't have any pencils and she was very sorry about it. SO I decided to head to Guest Services, (a place I'd never been) and they were able to supply me with a pencil. So a big thank you to the people at guest services !
Well then I was back at my seat and decided to flip threw the book "Safe At Home" only to have the guy in front of me turn around and tell me: "You know he was a crackhead right ?".

In case you didn't know the story WMA did crack and was arrested
Yeah, do I REALLY LOOK THAT STUPID ? Seriously why do I never end up setting next to a fellow blogger or someone with brains ?
But hey whatever.

Seats where great, team was bad.
I mean to seat there and what Ned Yost sacrifice bunt not once but twice, oh and the thirdf bunt from the one guy who actually hit a home run. Awesome ! That and the fact that Bruce Chen should have been pulled after giving up the leadoff walk in the 6th.  But you know whatever.
It was a fun time at the ballpark overall aside from the teams horrendous play of the hometeam and of course.
Garth Brooks up there on the screen crooning about "Friends In Low Places". Yes that still ticks me off.
As Sam Mellinger said of it yesterday "It's always bad but today it seemed more like a taunt".
 Like it always does. So I decided that maybe we should change the song to Jumper by Third Eye Blind but @TopCityRoyal had a better idea:
no Shots by Lmfao. $1 shots during it. It helps the adults cope with the game.
And that is a great idea.
So yeah at the end of the day it was a bad outing from the team but one positive was Mike Moustakas's defensive play. It's much better to watch live, oh and Jonathan Broxton is a great BP pitcher.

Oh and you want to know what else I hate ? The people at the stadium that are still hopelessly optimistic !

 Also I noticed that the vendors come by a whole lot more the more expensive the seats.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

10 Straight Losses

10 Straight Losses 

Also I'll be at the game tomorrow night as we go for our first home win, so if you want to meet up and get my autograph or whatever send me an email or tweet me. Maybe then I'll have something more to say about it all.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 - 9

Well I haven't posted all that much in this 6 game losing streak and if you can blame me for that, well you've got problems dude. I mean it's bad enough to get swept by the Indians and then the Tigers but to almost win each of the Tigers games in the bottom of the 9th ? The bases loaded called third strike on Gordon, the Francoeur triple that went for not, and then the game ending double play last night.
It's pure bad folks.
The Royals are notorious for falling apart and giving all us fans the bitter taste of lackluster baseball.
This year was supposed to be "Our Time" (a slogan I bet all the front office wishes was never released).
So yeah, anytime you say "Our Time" and then don't deliver it's going to make everything 10x worse.
And  it's been pretty disastrous, I mean "Royals Alternate Slogan" was trending Nationwide on Twitter.

 All this and we're only 12 games in.

But I think everyone would agree the worst part is the base running. Only 6 of 13 stealing attempts have been successful. And it's pretty obvious that their have been plenty of other running errors.
So until the team learns to run the basepaths it's going to be a rough season.

And hey even if Hochevar continues his woes, at least we're seeing a great season so far from Chen and Duffy.
So let's all hope the next 150 games go a bit better.

But hey if your optimistic Royally Speaking points out that a 3 - 7 start isn't all that bad.

Oh and since we are the last team in MLB without a home win I've decided to have this little gadget to the side to measure the Royals 2012  home wins versus 49 year old Jaime Moyer's 2012 wins.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Emotional Deaths

This season I've found to be already much harder then I was ready for this early in the year:

  • The Broxton meltdown, well it was bound to happen eventually.
  • The Luke Hochevar wafflecone experience where he's lights out and then he's a BP pitcher, we all knew it would happen at some point. 
  • The Jonathan Sanchez disaster, nothing out of the ordinary in the grand scheme of a 162 game season. 
But for all of this to keep happening back to back to back this early in the season ?
And what's worse is this past loss. Down 9-2 and then to rally back to tie the game at 9-9 and have a chance to win it in the bottom of the 9th.
With a freakin leadoff walk to the fastest guy on the team no doubt only to have him gun downed trying to steal second as the whole rally gets wasted in an eventual loss.
And that's what bugs me the most.
Everyone on Twitter saying "great comeback". 
Well I got news for you, it still counts as a loss. 
And in my book a worse loss then just losing 9-2 getting the game over with and ready to go out tomorrow.
Yeah it shows that the team has heart and spunk and determination. But by now we've invested so much time and energy into this thing that to have it fall just short is far worse then just getting blown out.
 It's such an emotional kick in the crotch. It's an emotional letdown in every sense.
All  of these last couple games have been. I thought it was supposed to be OUR TIME.
But instead it's like your average game from 2004 - 2008. Take your pick of one of those awful years and you know what you get in the side by side comps ? It's games that rip out your heart and spit on your soul.
I guess the only real difference is that if the scuffle of today had happened then, well I bet Buddy Bell would've decked Hannahan and not hugged him. But you know whatever. 
I just hope we can gather ourselves and come out Sunday and just wipe that smug little grin of the Indians logo at the very least.
Smug grin has got to go

And hey if we can rough'em up a little I wouldn't complain either. 
I honestly can't stand the Indians logo

So yeah.
You can see I'm pretty mad about that game.

But hey, I guess if worst comes to worst I'll have to break out my "rally boobs" for Kc but you know that'd just be queer and awkward. So here's hoping for a blowout win tomorrow.
Go Royals and thanks for reading. ~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blast From the Past

Because I'm at work and what else are you going to do today except countdown to tomorrows game ?
Here's some old pics and stories from newspapers I have laying around. 

Okay let's get ready for the start of Kauffman's grand 2012 season !

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ugh, Why can't we "Dodge" this trend

The wheels just fell off the Broxton ~ Rex Hudler

Jonathan Broxton joins the long list of already disappointing ex-Dodgers pitchers to fail with the Kc Royals.

Odalis Perez

Hideo Nomo

Rudy Seanez

But it's obviously hard to judge that on only one awful save attempt, even if it did end with a walk and two hit batters. Including the game winning walk-off Hit By Pitch. It even makes you wonder if maybe Broxton will enter to Hit Me Baby One More Time when he comes into games at the K.  
But as gut wrenching heart tearing, we've seen this ending a billion times before from the Royals (okay this is a new ending but it was done in the vein of the classic Royals way of finding an impossible way to lose) and today sucked. Four hours to have the life drained from you at the very end.
So yeah it was a game of heartbreak.
And what makes it worse is the fact that we lost to Oakland. The empty stadium with, um,one of a kind fans. (We'll leave it at that) 
And yeah I can't stand the Athletics even if Jeff Francoeur can. But I guess a 3-3 record isn't a horrible way to start the season, but anyway at least Alex Gordon has busted the slump and we're finally getting ready for the season opener at The K. So let's all regroup and take a deep breath and hope this isn't a sign of things to come. 
Also going back to my original point it's hard base Broxton on this one game but he doesn't need to be the closer until he can prove he deserves it. So I personally think he'll bounce back, but don't risk him in the save situations. 

And finally, let's hunt down some Indians !

Bacon Tuesday

So the big news for tonight is that Billy Butler was thrown out attempting to steal for the first time this season.
Well that and the fact that it was Bacon Tuesday at the ole Coliseum sponsored by Jeff Francoeur himself !
And yeah for a brief time Bacon Tuesday was trending throughout the whole United States Of America.

And of course I've got to mention Danny Duffy's 8 K's.
And what was that ? A home run by Mitch Maier ? Are you kidding me !!
And of course who could forget the man, the legend, umbrella man !

And is it really any wonder that Umbrella Man and Bacon Tuesday would both show up on the same night ? I think not.

And now we're going into an 8th inning rain delay, lovely.

So yeah at least the A's organization has two things going for them:

  1. The box office hit Moneyball !
  2. Fans that show up to the park dressed as seats and fans that are invisible !

And who doesn't enjoy the rain delay.
Okay I hate this rain delay, this Vida Blue interview is KILLING ME...

So maybe this game will be called maybe not, who knows I'm going to bed. If you want to stay up I've got a few notes for ya:

1. Go vote for a huge Royals fan and fellow blogger "Steve Hurst" in the National Mobility Awareness Month favorite stories will be voted on by your friends, family and peers, and the winners will be awarded a new customized wheelchair accessible vehicle. And they could really use it. So please vote and enter promo codes 989, 995 and 818.     Vote Here

 2. And while your doing that be sure and stop by one one last time and say goodbye to one of the all time great Royals blogs The Kc Pipeline.

EDIT: Game called Royals win !!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A .500 season for the team

"A .500 season for the team? That's what you want. It's perfect." ~ Rex Hudler Opening Day

So here we are at 2-2. After four games into the 2012 season Rex must be pretty happy. And for the most part I'm pretty happy with watching this team as well. I mean when you have games where Moustakas and Hosmer both homer (or Butler and Hosmer), and the defense is so great it makes you shiver with joy (minus Yuniesky of course) and top it off with so far solid starting  pitching which I thought was our biggest problem heading into the season and you've got a pretty great start.
That and the 2-1 series victory over Albert Pujols and the Angels and overall this was going to be a pretty nice lovely post today....

But there was one problem....

I didn't get this lovely post posted before the Athletics game....

So yes a nice series victory over the Angels is imminently replaced the next night by a horrific 1-0 loss.

And I mean 1-0 isn't all that bad, unless of course you can't manage a single run after getting only three hits (all  three were doubles), you have 2 caught stealing, and a runner getting picked off.  That and the fact that Bourgeois, Betancourt, and Getz all started in the same lineup. And it really is no reason that the 10,054 fans at the Oakland Raiders football stadium left wishing they would have rather watched The Hunger Games. Which I know about only through commercials and friends (<-- mixed reviews).
A desperate baseball fan contemplates what must be eating at Ned Yost's brain (At Oakland 4/9/12)

And blend that all together in a blender and top it off with the cherry and whipped cream that is West Coast baseball and also realize I've got to get up at 1:30 Am to go to work and suddenly you've got a game that was awful yesterday. I mean hey, at least Jonathan Broxtan looks like he's ready to rock and roll.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Night Is...

Opening night is...
 Daddy passing out snacks
Jeff Francoeur geting picked off of second base
Bruce Chen trending nation wide
Knuckle sandwiches, jam sandwiches, cheese, full cheeseburgers

And Rex Hudler quotes: 
I'm sure Sween-dawg says "Bill, you come sit with me."
"It's hard to sneak a piece of cheese by a hungry rat"
"A .500 season for the team? That's what you want. It's perfect."

Man that guy is going to make this season interesting.

So as Aaron Crow comes in we should all set back, peel a banana and enjoy the final few innings of the game that kicks off Our Time ! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getz your season tickets !

So it looks like Chris Getz will be our starting second-baseman unless of course that honor ends up going to Yuniesky Betancourt. So yeah I decided to draw this:
I made this because I was angry

But now that we that Getz will at least start the season with the Royals, well maybe it's time to finally order those season tickets....

But it did say on that Yuni and Getz will share custody of Second Base....

And hey in case you missedor simply though Jarrod Dyson wasn't a star in tha making:

"There are players that intimidate you when they come to the plate," Yost said. "Barry Bonds was one, [Gary] Sheffield was one. But, in a strange sense, Dyson intimidates
And that is probable the only time you'll see Dyson, Bonds and Sheffield mentioned together.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching up to things

Well I'm behind the times but in case you where wondering what my thoughts are on everything.
Well my first thought is what the news just told me, and that is that Queen Elizabeth is about to have her 60th year on the throne. And I'm left wondering if Royals once star closer Joakim Soria will ever pitch in 60 games again. I mean it doesn't look good on the first glance.
With Tommy John you never know how or if they will ever be able to bounce back, let alone a second surgery.

 "That wasn't the news I wanted to hear," Yost said. "You knew that there was something in there that wasn't right. We'll see what Dr. Yocum says tomorrow, but it doesn't look very good. 

So with that the news that Aaron Crow will be heading back to the bullpen:

Removing Crow from the starting candidates narrows the field to seven, Yost said. That leaves Felipe Paulino, Luis Mendoza, Danny Duffy and Everett Teaford competing for the final two spots behind Luke Hochevar, Bruce Chen and Jonathan Sanchez. 

And with that the rotation looks that much stronger. That and the fact that Bruce Chen has been pitching so well. Okay maybe I'm just a little sarcastic rely on a rotation with a history of woes.

So with that in mind (and the recent injury of Sal Perez) the Royals went out and acquired OF Jason Jerrod Bourgeois and C Humberto Quinteroof whom GMDM said:

"Humberto Quintero is a guy we like as a solid catch-and-throw guy and has a lot of experience at the Major League level and gives us the depth that we need at this point," 
And all it cost was our 4th Rd pick from 2010 Kevin Chapman, oh and the infamous PTBNL of whom Crawfish Boxes mentioned that:

Astros GM Jeff Luhnow said PTBNL will be "key component" of trade

 And there you go, your set. Well after you read the Royals Review comments anyway.

But at least I found out some great news today and that's that Royales With Cheese is back !

And if injuries or Yuniesky Betancourt end up Getzing the season ruined. Well we can at least talk about what a great season it could have been, at least we will all be entertained....

Friday, March 2, 2012

2011 Ray W Award Winners !

 Well here it is. The 2011 Ray W Award winners. A big thanks to everyone who voted, it still wasn't an extremely high voter turn out,  but it was much higher then the previous years.
And as spring training descends upon us, 2012 looks like it's going to be a pretty great year for the Royals !

Without farther ado,
 "The Best Royals Blog" goes to:

Rany on the Royals 
In what ended up being the closest vote by far as Rany beat out Kings of Kauffman by a single point.

Previous winners:
2008: Rany on the Royals
2009: Royals Centricity
2010: *
2011: Rany on the Royals

Best New Royals Blog 

Previous winners:
2008: Royally Speaking
2009: Kings Of Kauffman
2010: *
2011: Pine Tar Press

*New Award* Best Royals Twitter(er)

 Twitter is huge for baseball and according to the fans a fake manager is a great as Royals Twitter land gets.

Best Royals Relief Pitcher

Greg Holland 

Previous winners:
2008: Ramon Ramirez
2009: Robinson Tejeda
2010: *
2011: Greg Holland

Matt Treanor 
This is my favorite award. Jeff Fulchino 2008 ! :) 

Previous winners:
2008: Jeff Fulchino2009: Zack Greinke
2010: *
2011: Matt Treanor

Best Royals Board

Royals Review 

Previous winners:
2008: Board2009: Royal Board
2010: *
2011: Royals Review

Best Royals Sportswriter:

Bob Dutton 

Previous winners:
2008: Sam Mellinger2009: Joe Posnanski
2010: *
2011: Bob Dutton

Best Royals Prospect Blog:

Pine Tar Press

Previous winners:
2008: The Royal Tower
2009: The Pipeline
2010: *
2011: Pine Tar Press
The Overall Best Royals Site

Royals Review  
 I'm just going to rename this the Royals Review Award I think......

Previous winner:
2008: Royals Review
2009: Royals Review
2010: *
2011: Royals Review

Best Restaurant Chain


 Previous winners:
2009: Hooters
2010: *
2011: Applebees
Best Royals Executive or Non Player

JJ Picolo 
After co winning in 2009 JJ gets the award all to himself.

2009: JJ Picolo + Mike Arbuckle
2010: *
2011: JJ Picolo

Royals Prospect of The Year
Jake Odorizzi

Previous winners:
2009: Mike Montgomery
2010: *
2011: Jake Odorizzi

Best Kc Radio Personality

Nick Wright 

Previous winners:
2009: Greg Schaum
2010: *
2011: Nick Wright

Best Soda


Previous winners:
2009: Pepsi
2010: *
2011: Dr.Pepper

Special Achievement Award

Matt Treanor 

 Previous winners:
2008:Joe Posnanski
2009: Zack Greinke
2010: *
2011: Matt Treanor

Best Royals on Radio Affiliate

610 AM  

Previous winners:
2008: Versailles 95.1 (Missouri)
2009: Omaha 590 Am (Nebraska)
2010: *
2011:   610 Am Kansas City
Thanks for reading ! And let's make 2012 even greater !

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Royals Merch 5: Non Affiliated Handmade Merch

I think Fydor Dostoyevsky said it best with his hit novel Crime and Punishment:
"At the beginning of July, during a spell of exceptionally hot weather, towards evening....."
Not really sure what that has to do with much of anything really, other then where will the Royals be in the beginning of July ? I mean with the Tigers addition of big Price Fielder it's going to be that much harder to compete in the AL Central. But nine years wow seems like a long contract for such an, um, rather big guy.

So with money and length running through my mind I ended up looking on the craft site Etsy and found some, well, uh, rather interesting  Kc Royals stuff. And therefore I must present you.....

Royals Merch 5: Non Affiliated Handmade Merch 

Well first off we have this lovely Royals flower hair piece that would lovely on just about everyone. I mean how could you not look great in it ? With this your face would look as Sunflower. 

Yours for $6.99 by AlexaRayesCollection

Here we have another cute little thing, a logo magnet. Face it most of our fridges are either covered in a cupons and magnets of our insurance agents and such or your kids art work. So why not having something that is cozy yet suave. 

Well you can for only $2.50 from AuntCCcreations

In keeping with the current trend we have an awesome hat for that little person in your life. Although the listing says you can get adult sizes made. It looks great but no word on how well it'll protect against a fastball to the head....   

Yours for the mere price of  $ 25.95 from thebabykeeper

Royals baseball, Winnie The Pooh, and your name.What is do you need in life ?

Yours for only $7 from TeamsandToons

How often are you going to get married ? I mean surely your not planning on getting married 7 or 8 times, and if you are no one is going to really going to care after # 3 or 4. So hopefully you'll listen to me and only get married once, and therefore it needs to be unforgettable. And alas Royals garters.    I mean what guy isn't going to try and catch that ? So make your wedding one of a kind with this.

$30 from TheArtofSports


Okay I know what your thinking, usually these Royals Merch series I do have some sort of crazy thing at the end. And why should this be any different ?

So here you go guys............


Bam ! 
Her and his G-Strings. Lined for comfort even. (Or so it says)
So yeah since I know you're dying to get them sent your way here's the links.
From pmtresurechest.

Also don't forget to vote in the Ray W Awards you've got 5 more days.
Part 1 and 2. Only takes a minute.