Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Cents whore

 Okay sorry couldn't help the title thought maybe it could get me some more readers like when I twitted it about a band and got like 5 followers trying to sell me Viagra, and sex toys. So I thought why not put it as the title ya know ? Whats the worst that could happen ? Okay yeah I thought about that one to but it's to late now you're already reading the post so here you go:

First Cent:
Well I guess the big news today is that we've acquired SP Jonathan Sanchez from the Giants for Melky Cabrera. Not really a big move in the grand scheme of things. They are both free agents after next year and the Royals desperately need pitching and already have Jarrod Dyson to play Centerfield (and Lorenzo Cain but you know whatever).So it's really a pretty great trade for the Royals, Melk had a great year but will he be that good ever again ? Who knows. Shancez had a bad year last year with a BB/9 of 5.9 showing why he wasn't acquired by the Twins. But on the reverse of that coin he does get a lot of strikeouts but still he was pretty bad. Will he be that bad and injury plagued again in 2012 ? I don't think so. But who knows. Both of these guys are capable of having great years in 2012 but one thing remains, Shancez is going to help, but I'd still love another guy or three. But hey we did get sexy AA pitcher Ryan Verdugo.

Future Fan Favorite Ryan Verdugo

Second Cent:
In other far less appealing news the Royals are reported to be selling the naming rights to Kauffman Stadium. Sure $3-6m a year would be a nice piece of pie in the owners wallet. Where odds are it might stay forever. But seriously the team hasn't been in the playoffs for how long ? And now we want to change the name from Royals/Kauffman to I don't know F.U. Bank Field or whatever the heck it is ? I don't... know if they do, heck,... that could be the end for me, for real.

Bonus: Went to the Chiefs game yesterday, and man is it just me or is Todd Haley worse then Trey Hillman ? Geez folks.....