Friday, September 30, 2011

Farewell To Gibby and the Legendary Bob McClure

So the Royals have parted ways with Pitching Coach Bob McClure and Bench Coach John Gibbons.
After 3 years John was a staple of the Royals bench and hangover from a drunken night out on the Trey.
McClure, well Bob was the Royals Pitching Coach forever.  A staple of Kc for 6 years. People would come out to watch  a 90+ loss team night after night just hoping to catch a glimpse of the legendary Bob McClure. After all he did for Kc only to be let go.

And now with the addition of former Braves Bench Chino Cadahia, talk around town is maybe a former Braves pitching coach might end up in Kc, but enough about that.

What we should really be asking ourselves is what are Bob and John going to do in this rough economy ? I mean you can't just go out and get a job !
So I've decided to help, it's the absolute least I could do.

Bob McClure: ......................

    Substitute for DJ Lance of Yo Gabba Gabba !


John Gibbons: .....................

Watch out ICarly fans because Gibby is replacing Gibby.

Best luck to both guys in their future endeavors unless of course they face the Royals
Sorry about the edits I could do better just didn't feel like it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogin' Blase

Say what you will but I've became a fairly calloused fan. Of course that comes with the territory of being a Royals fan the past X amount of years and maybe even it's because I'm just a more calloused person then I was in 2008. (it's true) But more then I want to see the Royals win tomorrow I genuinely want to see the Twins lose 100 games. I just feel like it's wrong in a way to want that because there are some great Twins fans out there but darn it they should feel how it feels to lose 100. And let's face it the Twins are way to snoody.

This season has came and passed without much posting from me but the great news is the Royals for the first time in who knows how long have an infield made (almost) entirely of rookies who are also very capable ballplayers. Not the usual lot of rookies who are all AAAA players but guys with All Star potential.

Also while I'm at it I take back what I said earlier in the year about Jeff Francoeur, he came to Kc played his guts out took us home and made me actually kind of like him.

Finally the Royals traded Kila Ka'aihue to the A's for pitcher  Ethan Hollingsworth. Kila 's DFA sent the Royals Yahoo board a fire with talk about whether Kila was ever a top prospect and such. Bottom line is Kila never got his shot in Kc that he should have. At least not for three years, but when he did get his shot he did no better then Calvin Pickering. So overall it's just another minor league trade.

Finally a Shawnee Mission West High School teacher will appear in court on sex charges. Does that have anything to do with the Royals ? No.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the Royals, I was just checking on the Star for Royals news and thought I'd make my blogging return a little racy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hey guys it"s been forever. I know. I've really missed a lot of baseball and Royals coverage. But on July 19th (2 days after my last post) my dad was injured and spent 21 days in ICU before heading to rehab we're he's still at (He's paralyzed from the waist down) . So I just haven't had the time nor energy.
Still the Royals are having a great September as always !
So anyway this Sunday I'll be at the K so if you want to look me up I'd love to talk Royals with you, just send me an email.

As for the future of RoRetc it's not to certain but still we're in better shape then the Big 12......

As always thanks for reading,
Ray W