Monday, April 4, 2011

Opening Weekend (mostly Sunday)

O'Sullivan < Callaspo
No need to hang your head Alex
Well well, the Royals are four games into the season and already in first place. This should really come as no surprise to anyone who has been a fan for an extended period. Seems like ever year we get out to a blazing hot start only to curtail by the end of April. And after missing opening day because of work, I was thinking that more then likely this season would be like 2010 and I'd continue my decline of interest in the team (sport). But then I watched the next two games on FSN Kc. (I also listened to Fridays game on the radio while watching, and I must say Denny's excitement in the calling of Kila's walk off homer made Ryan's dry call of the same play almost embarrassing.) And I was still a loser because I didn't post anything after those first three games. I really wanted to but I couldn't find time and all I's really say anyway was that I love Aaron Crow, and Jeff Francoeur was slowly growing on me (As a gamer), and that my family didn't seem to grasp why I didn't like Melky Cabrera. But then a friend gave my family 4 tickets to Sunday's game, my first Royals game since 2009.(21st overall)
Gettin 're done !
 Sunday's game
Well it all started with meeting Royalman in the parking lot at the K, at which point he said the wind would help the Royals, but I said it'd hurt Chen but didn't get to go into a statistical breakdown on why, before he had to go. Once inside it was obvious that the New K rocks, it's the perfect baseball stadium. I walked around and toured the Hall of Fame before dad convinced me to buy a scorecard and score the game. (Not something I'd planed to do.) And because I was standing in a 10 minute line at the team store I missed opening pitch. It was an amazing baseball game time at the ballpark (all 4 hours and 46 minutes of it). I sat in section 210.

It was the usual casual Sunday crowd, of parents and children, lovers, and the rest.
"Slugger" Betemit
"Speedster" Dyson
Overall it  was a pretty sloppy game for the Royals, no way the game should have went into extra innings. After we blew the 5-0 lead it was exhilarating to see a Royals team not roll over and die. But after scoring two in the ninth the game really should have been over then. When the Angels bring the infield in and also bring an outfielder in, (with one out) you really should be able to score the winning run. And although I didn't here him say it to start the bottom of the 9th I know Denny was saying lead off walk in the late innings of a close baseball game....
The aggressive base running, solid fielding and excellent relief pitching (exception being O'Sullivan) though is what made the game so enjoyable.
Now I'll just post some random thoughts:
Gotta make your own innings 12 and 13 !
  • Matt Trenor's home run was a know doubter, there was no way he was going to put the catching gear on again.
  • I believe Bruce Chen deserves another start without all the wind, if he still can't turn it around then it's time to pull him.
  • Tim Collins is a beast.
  • Jeremy Jeffress reminds me of Ramon Ramirez with more heat.
  • Jarrod Dyson is flat out fast
  • Billy Butler can flat out hit period.
  • 13 innings can wreck havoc on your $2 Royals scorecard which for some reason has the Royals lineup at the top. What's with that ?
  • The team store was sold out of media guides. So I didn't buy a $30 hat...
  • Garth Brooks is still annoying as can be, "friends in low places" Seriously ? I want friends high up !
  • WWE superstar Sheamus urged us to cheer on the Royals in the 10th, bringing the Royals and WWE together.
  • Oh and the "Budweiser Thirsty Cam" is kind of disgusting in my personal opinion.

    (And "Greinke" becomes Chen, why couldn't I think of something this cool ?)


    1. I think Crow was a contributor and guest on Chalk Them Up Radio after being called up to the Royals and making his MLB debut.