Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chi Sox: Error, error, error, error, and we lose

Oh snap, you'd think a 5-0 lead would hold up but after Sunday and today, it's obviously not. But seriously a 3 run lead with Joakim Soria on the mound and only one out away from victory ? I thought that was pretty well set in stone.
And it's not that big of a deal, at all. I mean everyone has an off day here and now and sometimes luck just isn't on your side.
But I'm sorry.
First place in the divison is super great but when the opposing team commits four errors and you still find a way to lose, well something is wrong. Sure the run in the bottom of the nineth was superb but once O'Sullivan came in it was obvious the end had came. Fact is it never should have even been close.

Overall the opening home stand  was one sloppy disaster after another for the Royals, and only by seer luck are we 4-2, six games in. The team has missed numerous opportunity's for a decisive and quick victory (the last three games) and has a pension for blowing 5-0 leads. I hate to sound like this, but is it to much ask for a team that can get ahead early and win without being sloppy? Oh well it's only loss number two and I know there will be many more that hurt worse, but still the Sox commited four errors and we lost, four errors to none....

The Good:
  • Jarrod Dyson: this kid can fly. If Yost keeps up the trend of pinch-running Dyson could become an excellent weapon. Plus the guy actually laid down a good sacrifice bunt. How many past Royals can say that ?
  • Jeff Francis: showing signs of returning to the ace he was in Colorado. And a huge help to my fantasy baseball team.
  • Alex Gordon: the hot streak continues at the plate. If he can keep it up maybe this will be the breakout year that everyone is relying on.
  • Billy Butler: Continues to rake !
  • Denny Matthews: There's something special in his voice this year, a fire that's just not been as hot the last few seasons but is definitely back in 2011.
The Bad:
  • Mike Aviles: 0-7 today dropping his season average to just .117 (3 for 26 on the season) and 3 errors
  • Sean O'Sullivan: Remember we gave up Callaspo for him, great potential he just can't put it together. (11.25 ERA)
  • FSN Kc: Broadcast's just seem to be lacking something this year.
The Meh:
  • Ned Yost: 14 stolen bases and a more aggressive then any recent Royals team past, but has a flair for leaving starters in to long and relying on the wrong relief pitchers. (O'Sullivan)

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  1. You know Dyson was first called up to the major leagues in September 2010, joining the Royals and getting some playing time in centerfield