Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Chen Revival

(Photo source: ESPN)
Remember last week ? Bruce Chen was being pounced on by everyone ? Except me !
"I believe Bruce Chen deserves another start without all the wind, if he still can't turn it around then it's time to pull him."
Well yeah after today's game we realize that without all the wind of last Sunday Bruce is an AL Cy Young contender with a flair for strikeouts. Sure I doubt if it lasts but let's be honest Bruce is exactly what the team needs right now. Not an ace but not a has - been - either. And  besides he's always smiling !
Overall the Royals have been playing some pretty strange baseball. But you've got to like the bullpen. Tim Collins and Aaron Crow are both superb so far, and Robinson Tejeda continues to be a good set up man.
And BRYAN PENA ! Superstar catcher ! Reminds me of why I sponsored his Baseball Reference page in 2009.

Sorry for the messed up rambling it's been a long day.
But a 5-3 start is pretty darn awesome !

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  1. I think Chen's second start was much better, as he only gave up two runs on five hits with one walk and five strikeouts