Thursday, April 14, 2011

Break An Arm !

From the Kc Star:

Yost has no intention of following his predecessor, Trey Hillman, in banning such slides. Hillman issued an edict last year when Alex Gordon suffered a broken right thumb in a head-first slide in spring training.
"There are a lot of people hit by cars crossing the street, too," Yost said, "but I still allow my players to cross the street. People get hurt playing this game.
"If somebody gets hurt from playing the game hard, you put someone else in there until (the first guy) gets healthy. You can't stop playing the game hard.

"If we had our druthers, would we rather have them slide feet-first? Yes. But some guys slide head-first. It's a reaction. Guys play with their instincts. They go out and play, and you let them play."
And that is why I like Ned Yost, his aggresive play the game all out style. Heck if we start railroading opposing catchers at the plate and playing all out, "dirty" by some people's standards (but still extremely legal) I'll be in love with Ned. But at least this is a start, and darn good one at that.

A Few Other Things:

  • I absolutely hate FSN Kc's Root, root, root for the Royals commercial. Can't stand it at all.
  • If your not at a home game this season I strongly suggest listening to the games on the radio. With Denny not going on road trips anymore you can't stand to miss his iconic voice. 
  • Also Alcides Escobar is the best Shortstop the Royals have had since I've been alive
    • And finally did anyone catch the article in the Star on Bryan Pena's fantasy dream of being a motivational radio talk show host ? I for one would be sure to listen as Bryan is such an upbeat and likable guy. But on a side note maybe he'd be interested in broadcasting Royal's games ? I mean the current crop is getting up there in age and he'd be an improvement over White or Goldberg (sorry) right?


    1. I think though broken bone and bone break are common colloquialisms for a bone fracture, break is not a formal orthopedic term.

    2. I think that's the biggest load of crap I've heard all day. And why the heck would I care ? Really ?