Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Links for a Tuesday on March 8th.

Here's some links that you should check out. And maybe I'll get a real post up soon. But for now enjoy what the pros have to say:
  • I was asked a few questions on the out look of the Royals season by the blog Cardinal70 along with some other great Royals bloggers, if you want to read them click HERE.
  • After almost 2 years Royal Report Card is back from hiatus and you can check out the return post HERE.
  • Mostly from a Brewer view it's still a good read as today marks Zack Greinke's 10,000 day alive. HERE
  • PLEASE  PLEASE VOTE in the Ray W Awards, I  need at least ONE person to vote ! VOTE HERE
  • Royally Speaking scares us by mentioning the return of Jason Kendall HERE
  •  Tangled Up In (Royal) Blue asks if this youth movement will be different then the past. Great Read. HERE
  • And as always a great post by Royalscentricity HERE
And like I said earlier I'll try and get a real post done soon.But seriously this stuff is way better then what I write.

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