Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I can't wait

Seriously I can't wait for Opening Day. Sure spring training is great and all but I just have a hard time getting into meaningless games. And it might be weird to look at the starting rotation and feel anything good. I mean.....
Ace Luke Hochevar (Image from Ball Star)
#2 Jeff Francis (Image MLB . com)
#3 Kyle Davies (Image Ball Star)
#4 Bruce Chen (Image Fox Sports)
#5 Vin Mazzaro (Image Zimbio)
So with such a studly rotation it's no wonder that Royally Speaking says no to a 100 loss season. And rightfully so because I really don't see it either. See while the rotation might not be "the best in baseball" it's the other side that matters. And while Frenchy might not have a career reviving year, well perhaps maybe Melky will. And just maybe we'll stay competitive.  But I've always been to optimistic in the past so I'm staying negative in 2011.

Oh well at least there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. And after reading Joe Po's marvelous Sports Illustrated  fiction on the future I have hope that maybe just maybe the said  light isn't a train. But alas a competitive team ! But while the minors get ready to explode in the coming future it'll be up  to the "Freak Five" and the daily nine to keep buying us time.

And I think they might just give us an unforgetable summer.

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