Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2010 Ray W Award's voting open NOW !!!!

(Winner's may receive one of these sweet unedited 2003 cards)
It's Spring Training folks, so what really ? I call the shots on this here blog, this is MY Royals blog. Well actually there once was a guy who *almost* joined. But anyway better late then never right ? I mean this year's comes later then last years and it was later then 08's, but who really cares. The Royals are 1-1 in Spring Training, Moose and Hosmer both have homered and no one remembers Tom Prince anymore..
So here are the categories, this year there are no nominees so vote for whomever you want, voting deadline ends March 12th at whenever I get on the computer. Feel free to pimp your site if you want, if no one votes I'll flip a coin.
But seriously there's three years of history for the Ray W's .....
  1. Best Royals Blog
  2. Best New Royals Blog (Started in 2010)
  3. Best Royals Relief Pitcher (Can Not Vote for Soria)
  4. IRTGFNORRP Award (I'll Remember This Player For No Other Reason)
  5. Best Royals Board
  6. Best Royals Sportswriter
  7. Best Royals Prospect Blog
  8. The Overall Best Royals site
  9. Best Restaurant
  10. Best Royals Executive
  11. Royals Prospect of The Year
  12. Best Kc Radio Personality
  13. Best Soda
  14. Best Royals on Radio Affiliate
Three ways to vote:
  • Drop a comment on this here post with the number of the category, followed by your pick
  • By doing the same on my Facebook page
  • By sending me an email with your picks.

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  1. I think the Royals' most prominent rivalry is with the intrastate St. Louis Cardinals, stemming back to the Royals' victory over the Cardinals in the 1985 World Series.