Friday, March 25, 2011

End Of An Era

 I had an article all ready to go, a repeat of a rant I did last year but something else interfered.
Today the Royals signed Mike Sweeney to the ominous one day contract, after which he announced his retirement.(Obviously) It's swell that he was able to retire a Royal. But deep down I wonder how much those last couple of years with the A's, and Mariners/Phillies hurt his image in Kc.
Mike was (and still is) a awesome guy, a true champion both on the field and maybe even more so off. What he had to endure as Royals team captain, as the teams figurehead through some of the most horrid and downright hellish times is unbelievable. And not just the crap on the baseball field, but the belittling by ignorant drunkards with there shouts of "Sweeney Sucks".(Very original) In fact several times I almost got in a fight with such douche's. Mainly due to the fact that Mike was my sister's favorite baseball player, and those shouts really made her upset.
Sure Sweeney's back problems are well documented and the simple what if's are so many. But IMO had he been able to play at 100 percent between 03 - 07 things would certainly have been different for the Royals.
When Sweeney left in 2008 the man took out a full page add in the Kc Star thanking the fans.
 Sweeney was one of a kind ballplayer and perhaps one of the last people to ever wear a "C" on their Royals uniform.
On many occasions I was able to call a Mike Sweeney home run before the pitch, he was one of those rare players that every now and then you could feel was about to do something and he'd never disappointed.

If I ever had any beef with Mike it'd be that I once sent him a baseball card in the mail and asked if he could please sign it for my sister a huge fan of his, so I could surprise her with it. Interestingly enough I got several autographs that summer by writing my favorite players, but Sweeney was not one of them. Now four years later my sister has grown up and really doesn't care about baseball anymore.

Certainly Mike is one of a kind and most likely a future Royals Hall Of Famer, but forever to me he'll be:
#29 Mike Sweeney

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I can't wait

Seriously I can't wait for Opening Day. Sure spring training is great and all but I just have a hard time getting into meaningless games. And it might be weird to look at the starting rotation and feel anything good. I mean.....
Ace Luke Hochevar (Image from Ball Star)
#2 Jeff Francis (Image MLB . com)
#3 Kyle Davies (Image Ball Star)
#4 Bruce Chen (Image Fox Sports)
#5 Vin Mazzaro (Image Zimbio)
So with such a studly rotation it's no wonder that Royally Speaking says no to a 100 loss season. And rightfully so because I really don't see it either. See while the rotation might not be "the best in baseball" it's the other side that matters. And while Frenchy might not have a career reviving year, well perhaps maybe Melky will. And just maybe we'll stay competitive.  But I've always been to optimistic in the past so I'm staying negative in 2011.

Oh well at least there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. And after reading Joe Po's marvelous Sports Illustrated  fiction on the future I have hope that maybe just maybe the said  light isn't a train. But alas a competitive team ! But while the minors get ready to explode in the coming future it'll be up  to the "Freak Five" and the daily nine to keep buying us time.

And I think they might just give us an unforgetable summer.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Links for a Tuesday on March 8th.

Here's some links that you should check out. And maybe I'll get a real post up soon. But for now enjoy what the pros have to say:
  • I was asked a few questions on the out look of the Royals season by the blog Cardinal70 along with some other great Royals bloggers, if you want to read them click HERE.
  • After almost 2 years Royal Report Card is back from hiatus and you can check out the return post HERE.
  • Mostly from a Brewer view it's still a good read as today marks Zack Greinke's 10,000 day alive. HERE
  • PLEASE  PLEASE VOTE in the Ray W Awards, I  need at least ONE person to vote ! VOTE HERE
  • Royally Speaking scares us by mentioning the return of Jason Kendall HERE
  •  Tangled Up In (Royal) Blue asks if this youth movement will be different then the past. Great Read. HERE
  • And as always a great post by Royalscentricity HERE
And like I said earlier I'll try and get a real post done soon.But seriously this stuff is way better then what I write.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's Who Am I #1

It's Wednesday and I'm going to be at work so let's just have a blast from the past with or first ever:

Wednesday's Who Am I

(Right Handed Pitcher beloved by many)
The picture is from August of 2003, any guesses ?
Well this fine dude sported a Career ERA of 4.92.
He Was born in Van Nuys, California
The Royals acquired him for Class A LHP Aric Leclair.
His Royals record that year is 1-2 with a 5.29 ERA in 10 App 8 Starts
It was this aging vet's first and last year in Kc before hanging it up at the end of 2004
Give Up ? 
Fan Favorite 
Paul David Abbott !!!

PS. Don't forget to vote in the Ray W Awards happening now

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2010 Ray W Award's voting open NOW !!!!

(Winner's may receive one of these sweet unedited 2003 cards)
It's Spring Training folks, so what really ? I call the shots on this here blog, this is MY Royals blog. Well actually there once was a guy who *almost* joined. But anyway better late then never right ? I mean this year's comes later then last years and it was later then 08's, but who really cares. The Royals are 1-1 in Spring Training, Moose and Hosmer both have homered and no one remembers Tom Prince anymore..
So here are the categories, this year there are no nominees so vote for whomever you want, voting deadline ends March 12th at whenever I get on the computer. Feel free to pimp your site if you want, if no one votes I'll flip a coin.
But seriously there's three years of history for the Ray W's .....
  1. Best Royals Blog
  2. Best New Royals Blog (Started in 2010)
  3. Best Royals Relief Pitcher (Can Not Vote for Soria)
  4. IRTGFNORRP Award (I'll Remember This Player For No Other Reason)
  5. Best Royals Board
  6. Best Royals Sportswriter
  7. Best Royals Prospect Blog
  8. The Overall Best Royals site
  9. Best Restaurant
  10. Best Royals Executive
  11. Royals Prospect of The Year
  12. Best Kc Radio Personality
  13. Best Soda
  14. Best Royals on Radio Affiliate
Three ways to vote:
  • Drop a comment on this here post with the number of the category, followed by your pick
  • By doing the same on my Facebook page
  • By sending me an email with your picks.