Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Skeleton Trees: The return of baseball

Well it's that time of year again folks. After false promises too keep posting about the offseason, after a winter that saw over 30 inches of snow, after many personal struggles, etc., well it's that time of year again. The time of year again that strikes you like a cord being played by a great guitarist, no matter what you want to do for that brief second your mind is paralyzed, helpless against the power of the music.
Yea, it's that time of times were I reluctantly give in to the tragic hopelessness of hope and childish dreams.
I tried I must admit, I really truly did.
Still no matter how much I wanted to walk away, to find a new way to spend the joys of spring and of the dying summer nights. A substitute for the sensually pleasing smell of hot dogs and peanuts, for the artistic styling of lush green fields and kids smiles. Of course it brings me back.
It's tough being a Royals fan. In fact, I used to hate people (jerk face) bloggers who couldn't stick by the team, yet I slowly became one towards the end of last year and the offseason. After 8 years of being an obsessed fan-boy I hoped music could finally remove the Royals addiction and leave me a new person (maybe matured ?)....
But gosh darn it an [emoish/stat-loving/hard rockin/mini-geek] who live in there mother's basement's can't get away from it all.
So alas I return to the team again and again, just like Lindsey Lohan returns to treatment. Only I'm actually glad and ready for the second chance !
So get out those relics of the past. out folks. You know, those things called radios. Dust'em off and and get'em ready. Because the Royals addict has returned with the arrival of the pitchers and catcher. ~

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