Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Links you've already read

Don't have anything new really too say myself, so here's a couple of links from people smarter then I:

Bullying of Butler and Its Parallels to Full Metal Jacket
(Another brilliant post by the great Royalscentricity, I mean the FMJ comparison alone makes it a great no ?)

Royals Kingdom's
Quick Thoughts: The absurdity of Jason Kendall
(Points out how much of jerk JK is)

Beyond The Boxscore's
When You Get In A Jam

The Cleveland Fan's
The Indian's Promotional Schedule
(Royals could check into some of these, some sound like some real winners)

So yeah that's about it, yeah I'm so ready to get the season going. If for nothing else to kill the incurable  feeling of optimism, that is so unwarranted and is easily dead by April 20th. Oh yeah also do you think I should do last year's Ray W awards or just forget about'em ?

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