Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Cents whore

 Okay sorry couldn't help the title thought maybe it could get me some more readers like when I twitted it about a band and got like 5 followers trying to sell me Viagra, and sex toys. So I thought why not put it as the title ya know ? Whats the worst that could happen ? Okay yeah I thought about that one to but it's to late now you're already reading the post so here you go:

First Cent:
Well I guess the big news today is that we've acquired SP Jonathan Sanchez from the Giants for Melky Cabrera. Not really a big move in the grand scheme of things. They are both free agents after next year and the Royals desperately need pitching and already have Jarrod Dyson to play Centerfield (and Lorenzo Cain but you know whatever).So it's really a pretty great trade for the Royals, Melk had a great year but will he be that good ever again ? Who knows. Shancez had a bad year last year with a BB/9 of 5.9 showing why he wasn't acquired by the Twins. But on the reverse of that coin he does get a lot of strikeouts but still he was pretty bad. Will he be that bad and injury plagued again in 2012 ? I don't think so. But who knows. Both of these guys are capable of having great years in 2012 but one thing remains, Shancez is going to help, but I'd still love another guy or three. But hey we did get sexy AA pitcher Ryan Verdugo.

Future Fan Favorite Ryan Verdugo

Second Cent:
In other far less appealing news the Royals are reported to be selling the naming rights to Kauffman Stadium. Sure $3-6m a year would be a nice piece of pie in the owners wallet. Where odds are it might stay forever. But seriously the team hasn't been in the playoffs for how long ? And now we want to change the name from Royals/Kauffman to I don't know F.U. Bank Field or whatever the heck it is ? I don't... know if they do, heck,... that could be the end for me, for real.

Bonus: Went to the Chiefs game yesterday, and man is it just me or is Todd Haley worse then Trey Hillman ? Geez folks.....

Friday, September 30, 2011

Farewell To Gibby and the Legendary Bob McClure

So the Royals have parted ways with Pitching Coach Bob McClure and Bench Coach John Gibbons.
After 3 years John was a staple of the Royals bench and hangover from a drunken night out on the Trey.
McClure, well Bob was the Royals Pitching Coach forever.  A staple of Kc for 6 years. People would come out to watch  a 90+ loss team night after night just hoping to catch a glimpse of the legendary Bob McClure. After all he did for Kc only to be let go.

And now with the addition of former Braves Bench Chino Cadahia, talk around town is maybe a former Braves pitching coach might end up in Kc, but enough about that.

What we should really be asking ourselves is what are Bob and John going to do in this rough economy ? I mean you can't just go out and get a job !
So I've decided to help, it's the absolute least I could do.

Bob McClure: ......................

    Substitute for DJ Lance of Yo Gabba Gabba !


John Gibbons: .....................

Watch out ICarly fans because Gibby is replacing Gibby.

Best luck to both guys in their future endeavors unless of course they face the Royals
Sorry about the edits I could do better just didn't feel like it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogin' Blase

Say what you will but I've became a fairly calloused fan. Of course that comes with the territory of being a Royals fan the past X amount of years and maybe even it's because I'm just a more calloused person then I was in 2008. (it's true) But more then I want to see the Royals win tomorrow I genuinely want to see the Twins lose 100 games. I just feel like it's wrong in a way to want that because there are some great Twins fans out there but darn it they should feel how it feels to lose 100. And let's face it the Twins are way to snoody.

This season has came and passed without much posting from me but the great news is the Royals for the first time in who knows how long have an infield made (almost) entirely of rookies who are also very capable ballplayers. Not the usual lot of rookies who are all AAAA players but guys with All Star potential.

Also while I'm at it I take back what I said earlier in the year about Jeff Francoeur, he came to Kc played his guts out took us home and made me actually kind of like him.

Finally the Royals traded Kila Ka'aihue to the A's for pitcher  Ethan Hollingsworth. Kila 's DFA sent the Royals Yahoo board a fire with talk about whether Kila was ever a top prospect and such. Bottom line is Kila never got his shot in Kc that he should have. At least not for three years, but when he did get his shot he did no better then Calvin Pickering. So overall it's just another minor league trade.

Finally a Shawnee Mission West High School teacher will appear in court on sex charges. Does that have anything to do with the Royals ? No.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the Royals, I was just checking on the Star for Royals news and thought I'd make my blogging return a little racy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hey guys it"s been forever. I know. I've really missed a lot of baseball and Royals coverage. But on July 19th (2 days after my last post) my dad was injured and spent 21 days in ICU before heading to rehab we're he's still at (He's paralyzed from the waist down) . So I just haven't had the time nor energy.
Still the Royals are having a great September as always !
So anyway this Sunday I'll be at the K so if you want to look me up I'd love to talk Royals with you, just send me an email.

As for the future of RoRetc it's not to certain but still we're in better shape then the Big 12......

As always thanks for reading,
Ray W

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updating a broken Record.

Yes I still care, yes I still watch and listen. No I don't have anything important to say right now.
What could I say ? It's the same thing over and over and over again, so for now I've got nothing much to say.
As the trade deadline gets nearer and nearer, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that will change. 
Once again sorry for the lack of posts, I really am.

I mean I got 250 business cards with this blog address on them !
So rest assured I'm not going away anytime soon.
But for now I'll silently lurk, smirk and make faces at Kyle Davies......

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Losing Streaks Are Like....

Losing streaks are like this......

(Man shows off his  Royal's Baseball Pride[MSN])
Horrible to look at, smelly, overall disturbing and setting next to you on your 3 hour flight....

But not to worry.
To much.
Tomorrow marks a new day, maybe a last chance for Danny Duffy to prove he should stay in the Majors.
And besides your use to losing streaks by now, I mean you ARE a Royals fan right ?
You are use to losing streaks like Trey Hillman, Ned Yost, and Jeff Foxworthy are use to attending Bible studies.
But don't fret, comedian Jeff Foxworthy has this to say:
"It's exciting," he said. "This team's a year or two away from being one of the coolest teams to watch in baseball." 
So if you didn't believe Tony Pena when he said...

If you don't believe baseball gurus when they say it....

Don't you dare laugh when a professional comedian says it  !

Win free Royals Tickets

 Well I've got some nice little giveaway news to pass on to you the reader, courtesy of our friends at StorageMart of Kansas City:
T-shirts, food, drinks, tickets whatever it is, who doesn't like giveaways? StorageMart of Kansas City is giving away tickets to see the Royals througout the last three months of the season. The great thing about this giveaway is how simple it is to win.

Simply visit the StorageMart Kansas City Facebook page, Like It, and post who you think will win and your registered. A winner will be chosen from those who posted. It is that simple!

Here are the dates and opponents of the tickets StorageMart will be giving away. They will soon be giving opening up for the July 10th giveaway.

July 10, 2011 Royals v Detroit Tigers
July 24, 2011 vs. Tampa Bay Rays
August 7, 2011 vs. Detroit Tigers
August 21, 2011 vs. Boston Red Sox
September 4, 2011 vs. Cleveland Indians
September 18, 2011 vs. Chicago White Sox

Let's face it, going to a game has never been as expensive as it is now. Take advantage of this giveaway and lower the price of seeing America's Past Time.


And stuff is always better when it's free anyway, so I got to thinking while I was doing this post that I'd Google: "Kc Royals halter top giveaway". And wouldn'tcha-know it, almost ever image came back to Royals Review. Of course that's really no shock.
And before you get mad at me, just know that I'm only doing this for you the reader, I myself have already entered.
Also be sure to check out Royals Merch: 4, the best one yet. Plus you will not suffer disjointedness.* And while there, you'll see a hilarious item. An item mind you,  that after you've won these free tickets you'll be able to buy a couple of....

*-Results not guaranteed, some may suffer rare disjointedness

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Royals Merch 4: The Journey

So we start out the Royals Merch 4 with a journey, to find ourselves the perfect thing to buy. And let me tell you it's going to be quite a trip, I mean since the Royal wedding it keeps getting harder to make these but alas it's time to start....

On your journey you are bound to get thirsty. It's a long trip and water is not cheap. Therefore a sippy cup is by far your best choice. Do you really want to accidentally tip your cup over losing everything, forcing you die of thirst in the middle of our trip ?

Your also going to need shoes, what you wanted to make this journey barefoot ? No. That's be just to stupid.
Put on your thong already, er flipflop....
$19.95 *

And of course you'll need these bad boys to go along with your sandals, gotta show of that summer fashion.
Finally the backpack. Maybe it doesn't talk, maybe if you sing Backpack Backpack to it nothing's going to happen. Not my probable it's yours. Besides you probable don't even speak Spanish do you ? No wonder Jose Guillen hated Kansas City.... Oh well let's get started....
$24.95 *

Psych ! Gonna need a beach towel in case we end up at the beach. I mean your never get a girl if you show up with no beach towel or worse....
Trust me I'm your wingman here !
$18.95 *


The first creature we meet is this delightful thing, we decide not to eat him because he looks to much like Al Cowens so we go to pay the  $19.99 but find out he's OUT OF STOCK.

Next we encounter  Kansas City Royals dancing musical player. Coupled with bad looks and bad reviews it chases us into the mountains.
$29.99 *

Ounce there we find a restaurnt and decide to get some toast. Luckly we still have the water from earlier so we're in good shape. Not sure why we bought a salt/peper shaker and a toaster for ourselves though.
$21.99 S/P
$ 39.99 Toaster

Next  we run into the helpful old gnome lady and her Wizard husband who lead us through the garden to the great lightswitch.
$29.99 Each
We flip the decorative switch , of which, you need like 15 for your whole house.
On Sale $7.99 *
So now the neon light shines brightly and our journey is all but complete.
$439.99 *
 And now I need these because I'm really going to miss you, and I might not ever see you again.
Man I'm an emotional wreck.
$2.95 *


The Magical Dino lets us inside the shop we've journeyed so far to see.
With it's:
  • Animated body movements
  • Flashing lights
  • Upbeat disco music
It serves as a fine ending to our splendid trip together. 
 $14.95 *

And there it is what you brought me all this way to help you buy....

Erotic art ? For real we came all this way for this ?
You perv !
I can see I've wasted my time. 
But hey maybe you out there somewhere reading this haven't wasted yours.
You to can buy this, this, this thing....
Only $5.95 here at the end of our trip........

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sometimes you've got to wonder about me I can sense it in my veins like a part of the force. And surprisingly even though I'm still a jerk for not posting I've abused myself by still tuning into the games. But enough about me let's get to the bizarre facts that you might have missed with me being  gone....

  • Contrary to popular belief Tim Collins has not pitched in 70 games yet but only a mere 35. Can you believe that One ? Seems like he's been in just about every game.
  • The teams unite for Joplin patch is red because the official Missouri state bird is the Bluebird and Joplin is geographically closer to Kansas City then St.Louis.
  • Wilson Betemit once wrestled in the WWE and had a flashback, thus accidentally injuring Albert. 
So yeah as you can read it's been a thrill of a season but I shalt not give in. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to get some interviews and stuff you'll actually care to read. But for now if I go on another post hiatus you can always follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook (be sure to tell me your a Royals fan).
Tell next time my pals, go Royals !

* - I liked that hat it was cool and modern just like the players who wore it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tiny Tim

 A Poemish thingamijigger

Tiny Tim
Obviously Tim Collins has forgotten how to throw a freakin strike.
Watch my twitter feed explode.
Angel Campos is an ass.
And I'm not in a good mood, seriously that game has really ticked me off.....
Eh I'll get over it, and O'Sullivan will find a buffet.
Life keeps moving on.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Catching up

Well winning makes just about everything better. Face it being 19-17 and only 4.5 GB in the Centreal and 2 GB in the wildcard on May 12th is pretty impressive from a team I thought may flirt with 100 losses. I've been trying to post for quite awhile but my work has been all day. And winning makes people happy, makes fans come out of the wood works. For 3 years I've been "the Royals fan" at the greenhouse with a few exceptions. Now their is another guy who sports a Royals hat and another guy told me "Go Royals" and even mentioned Hosmer. On top of that what a game last night. The Royals pitching did an amazing job of stranding Yankees. New York was playing like the Royals of the 00's and Kc just wouldn't give in. Best moment of the night though was Eric Hosmer's first MLB home run, win or loss it made the game memorable. But of course Eric wasn't done.(link)

But the side effect seems to be against Alex Gordon and Butler:

Last 5 Games PRE Hosmer: .238 AVG (5 for 21) 2 BB 4 K's 1 Home Run 5 RBI's 2 XBH
Last 5 Games POST Hosmer: .125 AVG (2 for 16) 1 BB 3 K's 1 XBH  A Home Run the day Eric was called up 2 RBI's

Obviously Alex had started to cool down before that but I just thought it might be worth pointing out.
Also perhaps maybe Butler is (1 for 13) .077 AVG also being somewhat affected by Eric ?

Random Notes:

The Jays have released Scott Podsednik, whom I'm sure still relishes his time in Kansas City last year.

I'm sure you've already heard but former Royal Todd Wellemeyer has retired. I never once cared for Todd (Hellemeyer as he was known), cared for him even less when he pitched well for the Cardinals against us. But I wish him the best in whatever comes next for him.

The Royals are most likely looking for a college starting pitcher in the draft.
“They're not going to win if we don't find young, affordable pitching," Moore said.

Finally The Royals Blog your way to te K promotion is in full swing. I haven't heard anything yet so I'm kind of getting worried that I might get snubbed. It'd be a shame because I'm still the best Royals blogger in California, Mo, and one of the top mid level Royals blogs. So here's hoping for a call or email soon......

Monday, May 2, 2011

Yeah yeah yeah, whatever

So it's not like I've not, been following the Royals in the last couple games. An ugly as can be 0-6 road trip, followed up by a 3-0 sweep of the crumbling Twins. And I'd wish I would have posted something on fellow straightedger C.J. Wilson's dominance over us, or Jarrod Dyson's mad speed skills and an 8 run inning, in the Royals favor ! Incredible stuff. But yet I was a jerk. I ignored my blog. To busy with work... and my new PS3. Of course I'm behind the times but still I got addicted to The Show and "The Road To The Show". So while the Royals were defeating the Twins? I was listening to Denny while my created self was tearing his MCL pitching for the Durham Bulls. Gotta love it. I'll try and get some real stuff posted later.

P.S. It's hard to blog on a phone !

Friday, April 15, 2011


#42 pitching to batter #42 on first #42. Pop up caught by the Second Baseman #42.

#42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42
#42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42
#42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42
#42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42
#42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42
#42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 #42 
#42 #42 #42 #42


Gosh this is awful, just. Another horrendous contraption by MLB.
Sure a couple guys is fine,and somewhat enjoyable.
I completely agree with honoring Jackie Robinson for all he did for baseball and for this country in general with what he did.
But every single player ?
Are you kidding me !
Look at the scoreboard and now I have no clue who the heck is pitching in any other game without looking it up. It's like something out of a Twilight Zone !
I mean seriously isn't there ANY thing else we can do to honor Jackie ?

 (Broken record time)
I mean gosh, first destroying EA Sports MVP baseball, then Upper Deck, now this ?

Seriously look me in the eye when I talk about Topps being the exclusive trading card of MLB and try and convince me that it's not that bad..... There just might be blood brother. 
Because baseball wants instant replays, monopolies and to spit in fans eyes. 
God Bless Bud Selig, he's such a a$$ 

And believe me if the Royals weren't winning this post wouldn't be readable !

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Break An Arm !

From the Kc Star:

Yost has no intention of following his predecessor, Trey Hillman, in banning such slides. Hillman issued an edict last year when Alex Gordon suffered a broken right thumb in a head-first slide in spring training.
"There are a lot of people hit by cars crossing the street, too," Yost said, "but I still allow my players to cross the street. People get hurt playing this game.
"If somebody gets hurt from playing the game hard, you put someone else in there until (the first guy) gets healthy. You can't stop playing the game hard.

"If we had our druthers, would we rather have them slide feet-first? Yes. But some guys slide head-first. It's a reaction. Guys play with their instincts. They go out and play, and you let them play."
And that is why I like Ned Yost, his aggresive play the game all out style. Heck if we start railroading opposing catchers at the plate and playing all out, "dirty" by some people's standards (but still extremely legal) I'll be in love with Ned. But at least this is a start, and darn good one at that.

A Few Other Things:

  • I absolutely hate FSN Kc's Root, root, root for the Royals commercial. Can't stand it at all.
  • If your not at a home game this season I strongly suggest listening to the games on the radio. With Denny not going on road trips anymore you can't stand to miss his iconic voice. 
  • Also Alcides Escobar is the best Shortstop the Royals have had since I've been alive
    • And finally did anyone catch the article in the Star on Bryan Pena's fantasy dream of being a motivational radio talk show host ? I for one would be sure to listen as Bryan is such an upbeat and likable guy. But on a side note maybe he'd be interested in broadcasting Royal's games ? I mean the current crop is getting up there in age and he'd be an improvement over White or Goldberg (sorry) right?

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    The Chen Revival

    (Photo source: ESPN)
    Remember last week ? Bruce Chen was being pounced on by everyone ? Except me !
    "I believe Bruce Chen deserves another start without all the wind, if he still can't turn it around then it's time to pull him."
    Well yeah after today's game we realize that without all the wind of last Sunday Bruce is an AL Cy Young contender with a flair for strikeouts. Sure I doubt if it lasts but let's be honest Bruce is exactly what the team needs right now. Not an ace but not a has - been - either. And  besides he's always smiling !
    Overall the Royals have been playing some pretty strange baseball. But you've got to like the bullpen. Tim Collins and Aaron Crow are both superb so far, and Robinson Tejeda continues to be a good set up man.
    And BRYAN PENA ! Superstar catcher ! Reminds me of why I sponsored his Baseball Reference page in 2009.

    Sorry for the messed up rambling it's been a long day.
    But a 5-3 start is pretty darn awesome !

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    Chi Sox: Error, error, error, error, and we lose

    Oh snap, you'd think a 5-0 lead would hold up but after Sunday and today, it's obviously not. But seriously a 3 run lead with Joakim Soria on the mound and only one out away from victory ? I thought that was pretty well set in stone.
    And it's not that big of a deal, at all. I mean everyone has an off day here and now and sometimes luck just isn't on your side.
    But I'm sorry.
    First place in the divison is super great but when the opposing team commits four errors and you still find a way to lose, well something is wrong. Sure the run in the bottom of the nineth was superb but once O'Sullivan came in it was obvious the end had came. Fact is it never should have even been close.

    Overall the opening home stand  was one sloppy disaster after another for the Royals, and only by seer luck are we 4-2, six games in. The team has missed numerous opportunity's for a decisive and quick victory (the last three games) and has a pension for blowing 5-0 leads. I hate to sound like this, but is it to much ask for a team that can get ahead early and win without being sloppy? Oh well it's only loss number two and I know there will be many more that hurt worse, but still the Sox commited four errors and we lost, four errors to none....

    The Good:
    • Jarrod Dyson: this kid can fly. If Yost keeps up the trend of pinch-running Dyson could become an excellent weapon. Plus the guy actually laid down a good sacrifice bunt. How many past Royals can say that ?
    • Jeff Francis: showing signs of returning to the ace he was in Colorado. And a huge help to my fantasy baseball team.
    • Alex Gordon: the hot streak continues at the plate. If he can keep it up maybe this will be the breakout year that everyone is relying on.
    • Billy Butler: Continues to rake !
    • Denny Matthews: There's something special in his voice this year, a fire that's just not been as hot the last few seasons but is definitely back in 2011.
    The Bad:
    • Mike Aviles: 0-7 today dropping his season average to just .117 (3 for 26 on the season) and 3 errors
    • Sean O'Sullivan: Remember we gave up Callaspo for him, great potential he just can't put it together. (11.25 ERA)
    • FSN Kc: Broadcast's just seem to be lacking something this year.
    The Meh:
    • Ned Yost: 14 stolen bases and a more aggressive then any recent Royals team past, but has a flair for leaving starters in to long and relying on the wrong relief pitchers. (O'Sullivan)

    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Opening Weekend (mostly Sunday)

    O'Sullivan < Callaspo
    No need to hang your head Alex
    Well well, the Royals are four games into the season and already in first place. This should really come as no surprise to anyone who has been a fan for an extended period. Seems like ever year we get out to a blazing hot start only to curtail by the end of April. And after missing opening day because of work, I was thinking that more then likely this season would be like 2010 and I'd continue my decline of interest in the team (sport). But then I watched the next two games on FSN Kc. (I also listened to Fridays game on the radio while watching, and I must say Denny's excitement in the calling of Kila's walk off homer made Ryan's dry call of the same play almost embarrassing.) And I was still a loser because I didn't post anything after those first three games. I really wanted to but I couldn't find time and all I's really say anyway was that I love Aaron Crow, and Jeff Francoeur was slowly growing on me (As a gamer), and that my family didn't seem to grasp why I didn't like Melky Cabrera. But then a friend gave my family 4 tickets to Sunday's game, my first Royals game since 2009.(21st overall)
    Gettin 're done !
     Sunday's game
    Well it all started with meeting Royalman in the parking lot at the K, at which point he said the wind would help the Royals, but I said it'd hurt Chen but didn't get to go into a statistical breakdown on why, before he had to go. Once inside it was obvious that the New K rocks, it's the perfect baseball stadium. I walked around and toured the Hall of Fame before dad convinced me to buy a scorecard and score the game. (Not something I'd planed to do.) And because I was standing in a 10 minute line at the team store I missed opening pitch. It was an amazing baseball game time at the ballpark (all 4 hours and 46 minutes of it). I sat in section 210.

    It was the usual casual Sunday crowd, of parents and children, lovers, and the rest.
    "Slugger" Betemit
    "Speedster" Dyson
    Overall it  was a pretty sloppy game for the Royals, no way the game should have went into extra innings. After we blew the 5-0 lead it was exhilarating to see a Royals team not roll over and die. But after scoring two in the ninth the game really should have been over then. When the Angels bring the infield in and also bring an outfielder in, (with one out) you really should be able to score the winning run. And although I didn't here him say it to start the bottom of the 9th I know Denny was saying lead off walk in the late innings of a close baseball game....
    The aggressive base running, solid fielding and excellent relief pitching (exception being O'Sullivan) though is what made the game so enjoyable.
    Now I'll just post some random thoughts:
    Gotta make your own innings 12 and 13 !
    • Matt Trenor's home run was a know doubter, there was no way he was going to put the catching gear on again.
    • I believe Bruce Chen deserves another start without all the wind, if he still can't turn it around then it's time to pull him.
    • Tim Collins is a beast.
    • Jeremy Jeffress reminds me of Ramon Ramirez with more heat.
    • Jarrod Dyson is flat out fast
    • Billy Butler can flat out hit period.
    • 13 innings can wreck havoc on your $2 Royals scorecard which for some reason has the Royals lineup at the top. What's with that ?
    • The team store was sold out of media guides. So I didn't buy a $30 hat...
    • Garth Brooks is still annoying as can be, "friends in low places" Seriously ? I want friends high up !
    • WWE superstar Sheamus urged us to cheer on the Royals in the 10th, bringing the Royals and WWE together.
    • Oh and the "Budweiser Thirsty Cam" is kind of disgusting in my personal opinion.

      (And "Greinke" becomes Chen, why couldn't I think of something this cool ?)

      Friday, March 25, 2011

      End Of An Era

       I had an article all ready to go, a repeat of a rant I did last year but something else interfered.
      Today the Royals signed Mike Sweeney to the ominous one day contract, after which he announced his retirement.(Obviously) It's swell that he was able to retire a Royal. But deep down I wonder how much those last couple of years with the A's, and Mariners/Phillies hurt his image in Kc.
      Mike was (and still is) a awesome guy, a true champion both on the field and maybe even more so off. What he had to endure as Royals team captain, as the teams figurehead through some of the most horrid and downright hellish times is unbelievable. And not just the crap on the baseball field, but the belittling by ignorant drunkards with there shouts of "Sweeney Sucks".(Very original) In fact several times I almost got in a fight with such douche's. Mainly due to the fact that Mike was my sister's favorite baseball player, and those shouts really made her upset.
      Sure Sweeney's back problems are well documented and the simple what if's are so many. But IMO had he been able to play at 100 percent between 03 - 07 things would certainly have been different for the Royals.
      When Sweeney left in 2008 the man took out a full page add in the Kc Star thanking the fans.
       Sweeney was one of a kind ballplayer and perhaps one of the last people to ever wear a "C" on their Royals uniform.
      On many occasions I was able to call a Mike Sweeney home run before the pitch, he was one of those rare players that every now and then you could feel was about to do something and he'd never disappointed.

      If I ever had any beef with Mike it'd be that I once sent him a baseball card in the mail and asked if he could please sign it for my sister a huge fan of his, so I could surprise her with it. Interestingly enough I got several autographs that summer by writing my favorite players, but Sweeney was not one of them. Now four years later my sister has grown up and really doesn't care about baseball anymore.

      Certainly Mike is one of a kind and most likely a future Royals Hall Of Famer, but forever to me he'll be:
      #29 Mike Sweeney

      Tuesday, March 22, 2011

      I can't wait

      Seriously I can't wait for Opening Day. Sure spring training is great and all but I just have a hard time getting into meaningless games. And it might be weird to look at the starting rotation and feel anything good. I mean.....
      Ace Luke Hochevar (Image from Ball Star)
      #2 Jeff Francis (Image MLB . com)
      #3 Kyle Davies (Image Ball Star)
      #4 Bruce Chen (Image Fox Sports)
      #5 Vin Mazzaro (Image Zimbio)
      So with such a studly rotation it's no wonder that Royally Speaking says no to a 100 loss season. And rightfully so because I really don't see it either. See while the rotation might not be "the best in baseball" it's the other side that matters. And while Frenchy might not have a career reviving year, well perhaps maybe Melky will. And just maybe we'll stay competitive.  But I've always been to optimistic in the past so I'm staying negative in 2011.

      Oh well at least there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. And after reading Joe Po's marvelous Sports Illustrated  fiction on the future I have hope that maybe just maybe the said  light isn't a train. But alas a competitive team ! But while the minors get ready to explode in the coming future it'll be up  to the "Freak Five" and the daily nine to keep buying us time.

      And I think they might just give us an unforgetable summer.

      Tuesday, March 8, 2011

      Links for a Tuesday on March 8th.

      Here's some links that you should check out. And maybe I'll get a real post up soon. But for now enjoy what the pros have to say:
      • I was asked a few questions on the out look of the Royals season by the blog Cardinal70 along with some other great Royals bloggers, if you want to read them click HERE.
      • After almost 2 years Royal Report Card is back from hiatus and you can check out the return post HERE.
      • Mostly from a Brewer view it's still a good read as today marks Zack Greinke's 10,000 day alive. HERE
      • PLEASE  PLEASE VOTE in the Ray W Awards, I  need at least ONE person to vote ! VOTE HERE
      • Royally Speaking scares us by mentioning the return of Jason Kendall HERE
      •  Tangled Up In (Royal) Blue asks if this youth movement will be different then the past. Great Read. HERE
      • And as always a great post by Royalscentricity HERE
      And like I said earlier I'll try and get a real post done soon.But seriously this stuff is way better then what I write.

      Wednesday, March 2, 2011

      Wednesday's Who Am I #1

      It's Wednesday and I'm going to be at work so let's just have a blast from the past with or first ever:

      Wednesday's Who Am I

      (Right Handed Pitcher beloved by many)
      The picture is from August of 2003, any guesses ?
      Well this fine dude sported a Career ERA of 4.92.
      He Was born in Van Nuys, California
      The Royals acquired him for Class A LHP Aric Leclair.
      His Royals record that year is 1-2 with a 5.29 ERA in 10 App 8 Starts
      It was this aging vet's first and last year in Kc before hanging it up at the end of 2004
      Give Up ? 
      Fan Favorite 
      Paul David Abbott !!!

      PS. Don't forget to vote in the Ray W Awards happening now

      Tuesday, March 1, 2011

      2010 Ray W Award's voting open NOW !!!!

      (Winner's may receive one of these sweet unedited 2003 cards)
      It's Spring Training folks, so what really ? I call the shots on this here blog, this is MY Royals blog. Well actually there once was a guy who *almost* joined. But anyway better late then never right ? I mean this year's comes later then last years and it was later then 08's, but who really cares. The Royals are 1-1 in Spring Training, Moose and Hosmer both have homered and no one remembers Tom Prince anymore..
      So here are the categories, this year there are no nominees so vote for whomever you want, voting deadline ends March 12th at whenever I get on the computer. Feel free to pimp your site if you want, if no one votes I'll flip a coin.
      But seriously there's three years of history for the Ray W's .....
      1. Best Royals Blog
      2. Best New Royals Blog (Started in 2010)
      3. Best Royals Relief Pitcher (Can Not Vote for Soria)
      4. IRTGFNORRP Award (I'll Remember This Player For No Other Reason)
      5. Best Royals Board
      6. Best Royals Sportswriter
      7. Best Royals Prospect Blog
      8. The Overall Best Royals site
      9. Best Restaurant
      10. Best Royals Executive
      11. Royals Prospect of The Year
      12. Best Kc Radio Personality
      13. Best Soda
      14. Best Royals on Radio Affiliate
      Three ways to vote:
      • Drop a comment on this here post with the number of the category, followed by your pick
      • By doing the same on my Facebook page
      • By sending me an email with your picks.

      Tuesday, February 22, 2011

      Links you've already read

      Don't have anything new really too say myself, so here's a couple of links from people smarter then I:

      Bullying of Butler and Its Parallels to Full Metal Jacket
      (Another brilliant post by the great Royalscentricity, I mean the FMJ comparison alone makes it a great no ?)

      Royals Kingdom's
      Quick Thoughts: The absurdity of Jason Kendall
      (Points out how much of jerk JK is)

      Beyond The Boxscore's
      When You Get In A Jam

      The Cleveland Fan's
      The Indian's Promotional Schedule
      (Royals could check into some of these, some sound like some real winners)

      So yeah that's about it, yeah I'm so ready to get the season going. If for nothing else to kill the incurable  feeling of optimism, that is so unwarranted and is easily dead by April 20th. Oh yeah also do you think I should do last year's Ray W awards or just forget about'em ?

      Wednesday, February 16, 2011

      Another Day, Another Step Closer To 2012 Contention

      "My feet hurt, dadgummit." Yost said.
      And so the start of  the 2011 spring training is of to a rousing start. And yes what a perfect day today, it even got to be 70 degrees here. So yeah just a lot of workouts and buildups today. Looking into the clouded and often brutal magic mirror of the future we're able to see the 10guys vying for a spot in the rotation this year.*(I'll write more on all of them later on when I feel like it)
      • Luke Hochevar
      • Kyle Davies
      • Jeff Francis
      • Vin Mazzaro
      • Bruce Chen 
      • Sean O'Sullivan
      And don't forget the outsiders rotation group of:
      • Danny Duffy
      • Everett Teaford
      • Aaron Crow 
      • Nate Adcock  
      Let's be honest folks, it's hard to look at that list and get a high out of it. Nope far from it. In fact when it appears that Luke Hochevar is going to be the #1 guy it's kind of scary. So yeah when your trying to build a rotation around AAAA level players and second chance guys it could be a long season.
      But on the brighter side of things, Jason Kendall's goal is to be ready by opening day ! And in a season of youth and testing it should make everyone feel that much better that Ned Yost will be sporting #3 in honor of the great one Dale Earnhardt. So yeah we're all ready for a great year !

      Tuesday, February 15, 2011

      Skeleton Trees: The return of baseball

      Well it's that time of year again folks. After false promises too keep posting about the offseason, after a winter that saw over 30 inches of snow, after many personal struggles, etc., well it's that time of year again. The time of year again that strikes you like a cord being played by a great guitarist, no matter what you want to do for that brief second your mind is paralyzed, helpless against the power of the music.
      Yea, it's that time of times were I reluctantly give in to the tragic hopelessness of hope and childish dreams.
      I tried I must admit, I really truly did.
      Still no matter how much I wanted to walk away, to find a new way to spend the joys of spring and of the dying summer nights. A substitute for the sensually pleasing smell of hot dogs and peanuts, for the artistic styling of lush green fields and kids smiles. Of course it brings me back.
      It's tough being a Royals fan. In fact, I used to hate people (jerk face) bloggers who couldn't stick by the team, yet I slowly became one towards the end of last year and the offseason. After 8 years of being an obsessed fan-boy I hoped music could finally remove the Royals addiction and leave me a new person (maybe matured ?)....
      But gosh darn it an [emoish/stat-loving/hard rockin/mini-geek] who live in there mother's basement's can't get away from it all.
      So alas I return to the team again and again, just like Lindsey Lohan returns to treatment. Only I'm actually glad and ready for the second chance !
      So get out those relics of the past. out folks. You know, those things called radios. Dust'em off and and get'em ready. Because the Royals addict has returned with the arrival of the pitchers and catcher. ~