Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tenders and Greinke

Well first let's start with yesterday's news, the deadline to offer arbitration. Everyone with the exception of Josh Fields was signed (Betemit and Pena) or offered arb. (Everyone else).
Not really any surprises there except maybe that Kyle Davies was offered arbitration, next year he's really going to have to step up his game.
The contracts of Wilson Betemit and Bryan Pena are great in my opinion, only $1m, and $660K respectively. Bringing back Betemit for only a million is a great bargain for the Royals if he can build off last years career resurrecting season. And Brayan Pena, well I've always been a Pena fan and you guys already know that, hopefully he'll be able to have another 2009 like season. During the Dutton article we are reminded of this shocker:
“I think we’re pretty content with what we have,” Moore said.“Kendall is going to be back at some point in time.
Like most I had all but forgotten that Jason was even still alive, seems like when you don't see Jason every single day on the field, well you kind of forget he still walks this earth. But seriously Kendall is going to come back sometime next season? From a torn rotator-cuff, in late August......

And while we're at it their are quite a few non-tender guys the Royals should look into, first on the list is long time Sox closer Bobby Jenks. Sure we have Joakim Soria as a far better closer, and Jenks won't be cheap, at all. But I've hated him so much that I'd love to have him for some perverted reason. Other guys that would be great additions if signed cheap enough: Taylor Buchholz, Travis Buck, D.J. Carrasco (always been a fan of DJ), Tony Gwynn Jr, Edwin Encarnacion, Lastings Milledge (still on 26 on opening day 2011), Andrew Miller, etc. And hopefully I'll be able to go more in depth on all the non tenders I'd like for us to look at maybe Monday if I get the chance.

Zack Greinke is still in trade talks and now it's back to evolving the Jays, as they compete ferociously with the Rangers and maybe Yankees. According to the Toronto Sun the guy the Royals would want most in a potential deal is, and I quote:
And now this week Drabek is the man the Royals want as the Jays try to acquire another ace.
And that would also have to include a couple other prospects but I'm not really the best guy to talk with about prospects. But still with so much talent on the way is it really a good idea for the Royals to be dealing their ace and only real star (besides Soria). ? The offer would have to be pretty incredible in my opinion. It's questionable at best and we'll have to wait and see but I've always thought a sure thing is better then an if. I mean a ace in the hold beats two birds in the bush, especially if those birds are Jays...... Right ?

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