Sunday, September 12, 2010

Six run leads don't mean a thing !!!

To the White Sox that is. Gosh what a horrible game. What is their to say really other then the fact that as I told anyone who would listen last year, that Brayan Pena is legit ! But hey we're all Royals fans here we all know the drill. Nothing should really shock us anymore other then the fact we signed a 2nd Round NFL draft pick in Pat White. You'd think a team as bad as my Raiders would want in on the former West Virginia star. I always thought he'd make a great QB but heck I thought the same about Seneca Wallace. But enough about the NFL.
Heck after today's Royal imploding at the hands of O'Sullivan and company it'd be to easy too point out that even though he has a 6.28 in 16 appearances maybe Carlos Rosa 25 would be a nice guy to have in the pen, oh well. And don't even get me started on Ramon Ramirez !!
I guess in closing I should say it's a good thing the Royals took my advice and gave Wilson Betemit some playing time. But now I must pitch my case for another player...... Guys it's September 12th the season is dead for us do you think it would kill the team to give Jarrod Dyson some playing time ???

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