Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yesterday's Game

Is exactly the reason why it has been so hard to get into this team. 4 runs on 16 hits ?
Are you kidding me that is ridicules !!!! And not to mention giving up 15 runs to the the apathetic Indians. Yep the Injuns managed to score 15 runs on 17 hits.
Think about if we could have magically gotten 1 lousy extra hit we would have had 11 more runs !!

But of course baseball never works like that especially when the box score reveals in damning black and white the ugly culprit.

16 Men Left On Base

What ever happened to no man left behind ?

I mean apart from 4 for 4 Gregor Blanco it was a most horrendous outing.
(Meanwhile Mike Kafka was busy beating the Chiefs for whatever it's worth)

But what do you see being wrote about it ?
Absolutely nothing because Royals fans have became so immune to the virus that is the Royals we just take it as "part of the process".

(Something just happened, let's go live to my thoughts)

[Oh my gosh Indians just hit a walk of home run, thinks to Yabuta look a like Jesse Chavez.]
God bless the Royals !
[I hate the freakin' sacrifice bunt so much !!!]

Oh well what's one to do but hope for a win tomorrow, on my birthday (Better wish me a happy one).
What am I talking about "hope", bleh, a miracle is what we need !!

Anyway at least before he reverted back to his old self, Bryan Bullington gave us a moment we can hold dear forever........

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