Monday, August 2, 2010

Trading For Sport

Well my internet has been down so I haven't gotten a chance to say anything about "The Trade" making me the last active Royals blogger to have my say. But thank God my internet is back.
So Farnsworth and Ankiel for Jesse Chavez, Gregor Blanco, and Tim Collins.

So what do I think about the trade ?

Farnsworth is gone isn't he ? That alone makes the trade one of the biggest we'll ever see ! And Rick Ankiel the Braves will be lucky if he can stay healthy the rest of the season. So I think this is one of the best trades Dayton has made. Sure he's the guy who signed Farnsy to a crazy ridiculous deal and then wouldn't cut him but at least he's gone now. The Braves must be desperate...

And the guys we received aren't half bad at all, I mean Gregor is a very interesting acquisition and could become a pretty nice outfielder not an all-star but he could be a nice pickup. Chavez doesn't look like much after his outing yesterday but he's an upgrade over Kyle. And I must say I really like "Tiny Tim".

Now I must admit it's to bad that the Royals couldn't pawn off Guillen, in fact it's a horrible shame. Of course the Royals did bring up Kila Ka'aihue but as always are going to let him rot away on the bench just like Justin Huber. I still wonder what Huber could have done had he been given a chance to get 100+ AB's at the MLB level in one season. Guillen better be gone before August 31st....

And what's funny is I belong to a Royals list that has to be rarer then a conservative in a gay bar. And by that I mean their are quite a few Cardinals fan and a they don't want Kila playing everyday but who cares about them.

In closing I will say one of my all time favorite Royals deadline deals was Rudy Seanez for Abraham Nunez. Man I was a big Nunez and Chip Ambres fan. Also be sure and tell me if you like the new page design.

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