Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still Around

Like I'm always saying sorry for not posting much at all this year. I've just found it so hard to keep following this team. I mean it's one think to suck but still be fun to watch and another to just suck.
It's like a minor league team without all the zany antics and cool craziness.

I mean the team just isn't that fun.

There really are no big exciting play makers. Zack Greinke doesn't think we're improving fast enough and neither do I. This team is just embarrassing right now.

Jason Kendall everyday is hard enough to swallow all season, at least now Ned Yost is going to give Brayan Pena more starts
"hes had 8 starts and I'm going to try and give him 15 between now and the end of the year at least"

Try. Yep try it's all we ever do and now we're going to be competitive in 2012. Yep competitive, mediocre, 3rd in the Central thats what we want.

And I'm sorry but the Royals Radio Network just hasn't had as much pop this year without Denny on so many road trips, and don't even get me started on FSN Kc.

The franschise continues to live in the past always celebrating the 1985 team, the 1980 team and thats all fine and dandy but what about celebrating a team that I was at least alive to see. Wonder how often the Cubs celebrate the 1908 champs ?

It's just hard to get behind a team that has AAAA talent.

Look just as I type that Betemit fumbled a ball at third. Gotta love it.

Go Royals,
Ray W

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