Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yesterday's Game

Is exactly the reason why it has been so hard to get into this team. 4 runs on 16 hits ?
Are you kidding me that is ridicules !!!! And not to mention giving up 15 runs to the the apathetic Indians. Yep the Injuns managed to score 15 runs on 17 hits.
Think about if we could have magically gotten 1 lousy extra hit we would have had 11 more runs !!

But of course baseball never works like that especially when the box score reveals in damning black and white the ugly culprit.

16 Men Left On Base

What ever happened to no man left behind ?

I mean apart from 4 for 4 Gregor Blanco it was a most horrendous outing.
(Meanwhile Mike Kafka was busy beating the Chiefs for whatever it's worth)

But what do you see being wrote about it ?
Absolutely nothing because Royals fans have became so immune to the virus that is the Royals we just take it as "part of the process".

(Something just happened, let's go live to my thoughts)

[Oh my gosh Indians just hit a walk of home run, thinks to Yabuta look a like Jesse Chavez.]
God bless the Royals !
[I hate the freakin' sacrifice bunt so much !!!]

Oh well what's one to do but hope for a win tomorrow, on my birthday (Better wish me a happy one).
What am I talking about "hope", bleh, a miracle is what we need !!

Anyway at least before he reverted back to his old self, Bryan Bullington gave us a moment we can hold dear forever........

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview with Royalman

Here is an interview with Royalman the super hero seen around Kauffman Stadium. I started the interview in April and kept putting it off for some reason.
It was very unprofessional of me so for that I once again apologize to the caped wonder Royalman. (Please don't use your superfan powers to extract revenge on me)

Without further ado the much anticipated interview...

** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **

What is Royalman ?

Royalman is a superfan just like the Chiefs have. He was born because at the time I was unaware of the other Royals super fan and felt the Royals needed one. It wasn't fair that only the Chiefs had that kind of love.

What is his goal as the Royals superfan ?

Something for fans to grab onto and get into the games more and just make Royals games more fun. Pretty much be as respected in town as the Chiefs Superfans are

How long have you been a Royals fan ?

My whole life. Growing up in central Nebraska its all we had.

Is the team going in the right direction ?

Yes 2012 is going to be a great year we just have to get through this year and next.

Best and worst reception Royalman has received ?

Best reception Nick Wright and Shan Shariff giving me love on the radio.
People in general wanting pics. Worst. 810 radio saying they didn't like me. Saying my suit looked too tight. But it was probably just one persons opinion.

Really no love from 810 ? Perhaps they were just jealous. Gotta ask you though for Royals games you have you ever made the Radio or tv ?

No one has asked me into the booths. Chris Coats (Superfan Chris) does get a lot of love from FSN KC but never actually been on the air. BTW I will be on 1510 AM in KC in about an hour. They want to interview me

Does Royalman ever just wonder the streets or is he only found at the K ?

I was found with Superf@n Chris at JP Wine Bar after the game last night and a few months ago went into Clancy's in Blue Springs as Royalman cause I have friends who work there but mostly its a just at the K thing.
I also Karaoke at Saints on 95th and Quivera on Tuesday nights

Most you've paid for a Royals hat ?

Most I paid for a hat is honestly like $10. My favorite hats are some of the ones I got free at the K.

Favorite Royals moment ?

Since I was only 5 when the World Series happened my favorite moments are last year where Willy Bloomquist was on 3rd and Dejesus flew out scoring Bloomy for a come back when or couple years ago on Negro League day when the Royals came back from like 10 down on the Giants. Most everyone had given up and left and the Royals had a huge inning. Also the fast start last year giving us a bit of hope was pretty great too.

And finally what would Royalman at bat music be ?

LOL If I was a closer I would come out to Another One bites the Dust or maybe Akon's Dangerous as a batter. I'd probably change it a lot.

** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **

Once again a big apology and thanks to Royalman. Be sure and add him on Facebook here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

An instant cult hero

I always liked that card a 2003 Topps Bazooka.
But like so many things in life Bullington's career went on a path that no one could have guessed on draft day 2002 when the Pirates made him the 1st overall pick.

But as he struggled with the Pirates, Indians, and Jays there was always that inkling that the #1 overall pick would eventually prove everyone he could do it.

That subtle faintness like the breath of a smoker even hours after their last smoke, as faint as it is it's still there.

But as the years passed by the smiling rookie card would be all that Bryan would be remembered for.

Until now !

With his dazzling performance in today's game against the hated Yankee's (sorry Yankee fans I can't stand your team) he became an instant Royals cult hero.

8 Innings of scoreless pitching against the hated Yanks leading to the Royals to a 1-0 victory for the first shutout of the Bronx bombers since 1993 and the first 1-0 victory since 1972. (Thanks to Royals Kingdom for that info)

So after 7 years of toil Bryan Bullington has finally won his first major league baseball game, and because this isn't a playoff team the win couldn't have been any bigger. 2-2 split with the Yanks way to go guys.

PS. In case you didn't know it let me quote Yankeeist:
- Joakim Soria is really freaking good at pitching.

There you have it.
As always thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still Around

Like I'm always saying sorry for not posting much at all this year. I've just found it so hard to keep following this team. I mean it's one think to suck but still be fun to watch and another to just suck.
It's like a minor league team without all the zany antics and cool craziness.

I mean the team just isn't that fun.

There really are no big exciting play makers. Zack Greinke doesn't think we're improving fast enough and neither do I. This team is just embarrassing right now.

Jason Kendall everyday is hard enough to swallow all season, at least now Ned Yost is going to give Brayan Pena more starts
"hes had 8 starts and I'm going to try and give him 15 between now and the end of the year at least"

Try. Yep try it's all we ever do and now we're going to be competitive in 2012. Yep competitive, mediocre, 3rd in the Central thats what we want.

And I'm sorry but the Royals Radio Network just hasn't had as much pop this year without Denny on so many road trips, and don't even get me started on FSN Kc.

The franschise continues to live in the past always celebrating the 1985 team, the 1980 team and thats all fine and dandy but what about celebrating a team that I was at least alive to see. Wonder how often the Cubs celebrate the 1908 champs ?

It's just hard to get behind a team that has AAAA talent.

Look just as I type that Betemit fumbled a ball at third. Gotta love it.

Go Royals,
Ray W

Monday, August 2, 2010

Trading For Sport

Well my internet has been down so I haven't gotten a chance to say anything about "The Trade" making me the last active Royals blogger to have my say. But thank God my internet is back.
So Farnsworth and Ankiel for Jesse Chavez, Gregor Blanco, and Tim Collins.

So what do I think about the trade ?

Farnsworth is gone isn't he ? That alone makes the trade one of the biggest we'll ever see ! And Rick Ankiel the Braves will be lucky if he can stay healthy the rest of the season. So I think this is one of the best trades Dayton has made. Sure he's the guy who signed Farnsy to a crazy ridiculous deal and then wouldn't cut him but at least he's gone now. The Braves must be desperate...

And the guys we received aren't half bad at all, I mean Gregor is a very interesting acquisition and could become a pretty nice outfielder not an all-star but he could be a nice pickup. Chavez doesn't look like much after his outing yesterday but he's an upgrade over Kyle. And I must say I really like "Tiny Tim".

Now I must admit it's to bad that the Royals couldn't pawn off Guillen, in fact it's a horrible shame. Of course the Royals did bring up Kila Ka'aihue but as always are going to let him rot away on the bench just like Justin Huber. I still wonder what Huber could have done had he been given a chance to get 100+ AB's at the MLB level in one season. Guillen better be gone before August 31st....

And what's funny is I belong to a Royals list that has to be rarer then a conservative in a gay bar. And by that I mean their are quite a few Cardinals fan and a they don't want Kila playing everyday but who cares about them.

In closing I will say one of my all time favorite Royals deadline deals was Rudy Seanez for Abraham Nunez. Man I was a big Nunez and Chip Ambres fan. Also be sure and tell me if you like the new page design.