Saturday, July 24, 2010

The End Was In Sight

Well here I am back from a near comatose state as far as following the Royals. In fact last Sunday I had a revelation and even wrote a eulogy for this here blog.

As I sat at my house having barely watched or even listened that many games this year dreaming about being in St.Louis at the Scream The Prayer tour or even in Kc at WWE's PPV Money In Bank that's when it hit me I really didn't have a reason to follow the team.

No you try blogging about a perennial loser (Not annual annual means 1 year perennial means more then one year, thanks go to my former employer Bonnie Plants for that info), try having a broadcaster and a player both agree to do interviews and then never get back. Try having a guy agree to write for you only to have him blow to you off.

Yeah it really gets pretty freakin annoying. So ya I found it incredibly hard to keep the blog going. Couple that with the fact that I hate blogs that only post once in a great while and the fact that new Royals sites that don't have or want the same camaraderie that the blogoshpere at one time had. And the fact that Denny Matthews very rarely goes on road trips anymore.

So yeah the end was there, it was bound to happen....

But then something happened that brought back the childhood joy of baseball, and really baseball is totally a child's game. I remember back in 2002 - 2007 when even though we never had a chance of competing it was still fun because you had no sabermetrics telling you the season was bust before it started. When trades were always made to improve the team. Legends
came guys like Tony Graffanino, Ken Harvey, Mendy Lopez etc. When I had complete trust in a reliever claimed off waivers named Chris Booker just because of his physical attributes (Big black guy, oh he was going to be a star).
That is what saved this blog from becoming another abandon site slowing up the gears of the internet right there next to myspace.

When the Royals made a trade that I would normally blast all day long trading the second best hitter of last year's team Alberto Callaspo for a starter named Sean O'Sullivan and minor leaguer Will Smith whose ERA is threw the roof.

That is when the magic came back the same magic I felt as a 12 year old in 2003 watching Jose Lima (R.I.P) pitch, the same excitement I had when the Royals traded for Rondell White, Curtis Leskanic, and Brian Anderson.

I know it may seem weird but that trade along with watching the team get massacred by the Yankees has reawakened the baseball within me. That sense of hope among tragedy that maybe O'Sullivan is the next Royals Hall Of Famer !!!

So I'm still here I've got a fan page on Facebook for the blog and I'm giddy to see what the rest of
the season has in store for our beloved Royales.
Ray W out ~~~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MLB's two lost giants

First off let me say I have never been a fan of the Yankees and I never will be. But this week MLB, and even more to Yankees have lost two men that are synonymous with baseball.
So this is my final thoughts on these two giant baseball legends. They may have never thrown a pitch or every wrapped a single up the middle but they changed the game for the better.

Bob Sheppard (10/20/1910 - 7/11/2010)
Legendary and iconic PA announcer Bob Sheppard who was IMHO the best PA announcer I have ever heard. His voice echoed the halls of historic Yankee Stadium for 56 years.
Sheppard's first game was April 17, 1951. Mickey Mantle's first Opening Day and Joe DiMaggio's final, what a way for such a storied career to start. But before that he was a U.S. Naval Officer in World War II. He was a baseball icon in every sense of the word and will be missed not only by Yankees fans but by baseball fans everywhere.

George Steinbrenner (7/4/1930 – 7/13/2010)
Say what you will about him he was the best owner in all of baseball. He made the Yankees into the juggernaut they are today. Sure his flashing of the $$$ got on the nerves of us fans whose players we couldn't even resign yet alone offer $100mm contracts to free agents. But he understood that sometimes you have to spend money to make money.
Take a look at any country in the world and odds are you'll find at least someone in a Yankees hat, even if they've never seen a Yankees game in there lives. Sure George spent a ton but he also made a ton. Mr.Steinbrenner changed baseball forever, owners like David Glass and Drayton McLane would be best to pay heed and follow.

Here's to you Bob and George, you will be missed.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The All-Star Game Joke

Only one Royal Joakim Soria is on the 2010 MLB All-Star game and that would be great except for the fact that this year we are far more deserving of at least two. How about the fact that David DeJesus and Billy Butler were 9th and 10th in the whole MLB in batting Avg. Not just the AL but all of MLB. Oh and both were in the Top 10, in once again the whole MLB. And every other single member of the has either been selected to the AS team or is up for the final vote. But nope not the Royals.
It is simply because we don't have the biggest fan base the All-Star isn't about the best players in the game but it's all middle-school politics and who has the most friends.

A great outing bu Bruce Chen the other day, how amazing it would have been for Chen to get the perfecto. I remember last offseason I wasn't a fan of bringing Chen back but he has definitely improved and for that I am extremely thank full.

And finally I'd like to announce a new contributor to RoRetc will soon be here.