Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ricky !!!!!!! and who any MLB team should draft

I'm so glad to see that Mr.Parrish and Mr.Ankiel are starting rehab assignments. Mainly because I'd almost forgot who Rick Ankiel was haha.

I'd like to have a big RoRetc welcome to the new reliever Mark er I mean Kanekoa Texeira and from what I've seen he could become a great pitcher. And hey he was definitely an upgrade over Thompson.

Everyone go vote for Billy Butler, here.

Following the Jim Joyce scandal I have to say that everyone makes mistakes and Jim is one of the better umpires in the game. So with that much said I'm glad that MLB will not reverse the call, and that if MLB adds anymore instant replays (the home run one is a freakin joke) I am done with Major League Baseball. (As if this Topps is the exclusive trading card crap isn't enough ?)

And finally with the June amateur draft starting Monday I want to make it perfectly clear that although I will always have a spot in my heart for the Royals. That if anyone would want to draft me in the final round (what would it hurt ?), I'd love to became part of the team. I'm willing to relocate, my name (Raymond Wachter III) would be super cool in the media guide, plus I could blog, work in the front office, do janitor work, become a valued part of the radio broadcasts,(I have an amazing voice), anything, or maybe even become a scout.

Because according to the Royals Linda Smith: "You'll never became a baseball scout unless your a former MLB player." Makes you wonder how she got into scouting.

And of course don't you think the Royals owe me at least that much ?

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