Sunday, June 13, 2010

I just realized

I still haven't watched or listened to a Royals game completely from start to finish yet this year.
That is a pretty depressing fact and could very well be the cause of why my posts have been so infrequent. But now that Yost is in charge and thing s are starting to settle down for me I hope to have some interviews coming up for you all in the near future.

But for now what an outing by Zack Grienke I can't tell you how worried I was starting to get about him. Not that I doubted him but that hie record might start getting to him a little bit but those 12 K's were a really really refreshing sight to see.

And face it sometimes you have to wait for good things, like oh say the playoffs. And my blog post's are way more frequent then that. But I know they are the highlight of your day so come Tuesday I will watch every moment of the game and then proceed to gripe/flaunt/Gload about it for your enjoyment.

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