Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Case for Sentiment to Betemit

(Someday red hot Wilson Betimit we get cold)

Not many Royals teams have the unique situation that the 2010 Royals have right now. I mean Willie Bloomquist has a mere 72 Ab's and it's almost July !! A lesser man would have already caused a ruckus in the clubhouse for sure but not good ole Willy.
But the reason I post today is for Mr. Wilson Betemit.
Please could you find it in your heart to open up a spot in the lineup for this poor neglected man. (For best results play a sad song while reading the above sentence).
I mean the numbers don't lie, they do NOT lie.
In only 21 Ab's he has:
10 hits resulting in a .476 Avg
6 of those hits are extra bases 3 Homers and 3 doubles resulting in a 1.048 SlG%
(During Jose Guillen's 21 game hit streak he only mustered 4XBH)
Heck the man has more total bases (22) then at bats (21).
Now I know there is a bit of a jam that prevents the journeyman from the lineup but seriously Betemit is having what could be a career year.
So why not follow the motto of "When Your Hot Your Hot" and then when he cools of to the "When your not your not" part stick him back on the bench.

Is it that much of an upgrade having Senor Betancourt who Frank White roughly said "Alot of people think he's the worst SS to ever play the game but I don't." And let's face it Chris Getz isn't a superhero either.
Betemit has in 21 Ab's the same amount of home runs as Rick "Missing In Action" Ankiel has through 62 Ab's not to mention a batting average .266 points higher.
So why won't Wilson get more playing time ? Because everyone wants Yuni at SS and that is that. Not even for a couple games can we insert WB into the lineup to maximize his torrid hot streak.

Oh and I must say I was really shocked the other day to see Brayan Pena behind the plate. For a second I thought maybe Kendall was just wearing a Pena jersey. And perhaps you were to say BP's having a bad year and doesn't deserve more AB's ? Well if you played as sporadically as him I'm sure you'd have the same problem. Why must backup catcher's like Jason LaRue get all the ab's ?

And in closing I would like to say congrats to Anthony Lerew on his first MLB win and how about that Victor Marte ? ;)

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