Sunday, May 2, 2010

So long

Well since I last had time to write the Royals have made several moves and continued to play ball were it almost seems like at any moment they may just bust out and by some miracle actually compete at around the .500 mark. But then in the next moment you find yourself asking how in the world did these guys manage to win 10 out of 25 games ?

Just because I haven't found time to write doesn't mean I'm not watching believe me I am.

And how about the callup of Victor Marte that lasted one whole day ? Hello of course he can easily be optioned to AAA but what about Tejeda his ERA is absurd. But of course no Victor gets sent back down. And then to make matters worse I see Royals trade Carlos Rosa to D-Backs for SS.
I love it here we are cycling through relievers at a supersonic pace and we trade one of our better AAA pitchers. Oh well what can you say ?

So the big Royals news for today is the optioning of Alex Gordon to AAA (That and Greinke's performance one run allowed all game and he gets the loss). Gordon has just never lived up to the hype of being the "Next George Brett" . Of course I don't think this is the end of Alex's time in Kc but I doubt he'll be around for much longer. The Royals and draft picks just never seem to work out at all. Not that I'm saying AG won't become a star still, no I could definitely see him moving on to another team and finally breaking out into the star we always believed he could be. I just don't think Gordon will ever fully breakout as long as his jersey says "Royals" across the front.

And although this is my first post in what seems like forever please know that I had several in my head I would have loved to posted but didn't have a computer handy. Most of them though had to do with Trey Hillman's lack of managing skills.

And in case your wondering "So long" isn't my farewell but merely it's been so long since I last posted but hey after May plant season is over and after May 15th my High School days are over so I'll have plenty of time to waste following a team that as I've been reminded at the last graduation meeting "Haven't made the playoffs since before you were born".
([My response]But hey we came close in 2003)

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